Relaxing in Puerto Rico is easy. The scenery, the soothing sound of the waves and the warm weather make unwinding effortless.

But, if you want some extra TLC, there are some locations in the metropolitan area that will fulfill that well-deserved pampering you’re seeking. Whether it is a deep-tissue massage, a facial or some steam room time, Puerto Rican spas have you covered – in some cases, literally from head to toe.

Cloud Spa
Come as a human, transform into a divinity!

That’s the experience that the staff at Cloud Spa at Gallery Plaza wants you to have. Bringing together the four elements of western culture, this unique urban-luxury spa aims to make you feel like you’re walking the hallways of heaven.

Enjoy the Kailani, a misty relaxation area that includes the only salt water flotarium in Puerto Rico. This briny pool is built to recreate aspects of the Dead Sea. The salinity provides an acute Epsom salt bath that has an anti-inflammatory effect and the density and temperature mimic a mother’s womb. The most solicited treatment in the Kailani is Waterology, a combination of aquatic exercises and reflexology to release tension in trigger points while enjoying wave-like movements.

The Kailani also has a glass-walled Steam Room and a three-temperature Rain Shower Corridor.

Additionally, Cloud Spa is the only wellness center in Puerto Rico that has a Magnesphere, a self-healing and sleep therapy machine that makes low frequency cellular changes in the body.

Cloud Spa has seven massage cabins equipped with individual chromotherapy and surround sound systems. The automatized beds are imported from Germany and are wider than your usual massage bed, giving a little extra space for those who need it. All massages are customized to the client’s needs.

This heavenly spa offers facials, LED therapy, radiofrequency procedures, ultrasonic peeling and waxing as well. The location also has a hair and nail salon with four stations for you to leave looking like a queen – or king.

Address: 5th floor at Gallery Plaza, San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Contact: (939) 204-0496

Condado Vanderbilt
This is the only location in Puerto Rico that offers the Hamman or Turkish bath, an unprecedented experience that weaves in ancient purification rituals with modern techniques. This Middle Eastern ritual aims to cleanse and relax by the means of steam. The artfully appointed sanctuary welcomes you with your personal olive oil soap, Kessa mitt and Pestemal cloth -an authentic Turkish bath towel- in which to wrap you. Rest on the heated marble table and allow the expert therapist to remove your cares by exfoliating your body.

Address: 1055 Ashford Ave, San Juan, 00907
Contact: (787) 977-6710

Nouvelle D’Spa
Nouvelle D’Spa is a sophisticated wellness center characterized for having the most innovating treatments for your face and body. With over 30 different procedures, you will find a perfect fit to have healthy-looking skin and toned body. Nouvelle D’Spa’s treatments are designed to attack the problems – such as acne, cellulite, trim down excess fat, elasticity and more – at core.

Address: Andalucia #701 Puerto Nuevo, Puerto Rico 00920 | Plaza Dorada Shopping Center Dorado, Puerto Rico 00646 | The Mall of San Juan

Contact: San Juan (787) 783-9492 | Dorado (787) 796-6200 | The Mall of San Juan (787) 759-2935

Le Clinique Esthetic & Spa
If you’re looking for an experience that focuses on esthetics, Le Clinique is the place to go. This luxury spa specializes on facial Venus Legacy treatments, a safe and non-evasive medical device that effectively combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency and Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields for body contouring, reduced cellulite and wrinkles and skin tightening.

Address: Galería de Suchville, Suite #217, Guaynabo, 00966
Contact: (787) 765-1835