Sitting on a beach is great, but how about swimming under a waterfall beneath a canopy of tropical leaves? And while sipping coffee at a café is fine, wouldn’t it be better to go straight to the source and taste the beans produced by a local coffee farm?

Getting off the beaten path allows you to experience so much more: the daily life of a working family-owned farm, ancient caves full of petroglyphs or miles of zipline over a winding river. It’s time to find your adventure.
Gozalandia Waterfalls in San Sebastián
Located in San Sebastián, the Gozalandia Waterfalls are relatively unknown to tourists, and on any trip you are most likely to encounter only local families. Take your time walking the paved trails — there’s nothing like the hushed but vibrant experience of walking through a thick, tropical forest. There are great pools for swimming at the base of both the upper and lower falls, and some daring people even like to jump in from above.

At the lower falls, there’s a cave you can swim into, as well as plenty of shallow areas that younger kids enjoy. It’s going to be slippery though, so wear sturdy shoes for a better grip! Before your day is over, visit the open air restaurant called Sha’s by the lake (their mofongo is first rate), or enjoy a picturesque picnic by the falls.

Tropical Farm Life in Rincón
Small, organic, family-owned farms are enjoying a revival in Puerto Rico. Visit outdoor restaurant Chef’s Garden in Rincón, where you can experience tasty cuisine made with ingredients from their very own garden. Enjoy a fresh dish like their panko covered squash with ricotta cheese while you lounge about in their unique garden setting. Don't forget to bring your own wine!

Surfing city Rincón has many environmentally-focused vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and farm-to-table Sana is one of the best. Tucked into a quaint little corner of town, their open bar lights up the night against a backdrop of almond trees and a small shale cliff. You’ll even hear the coquís frogs chirping as you park.

Once you’re seated at a table, give a wave to the friendly owners who will talk you through the menu. There’s no shortage of gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian options, along with fresh-caught local fish and desserts, which are always worth saving room for.
Zip-lines and More
For an adventure with some altitude, Batey Adventure Tours offers seven epic zip-lining tours that run through mango trees and giant bamboo. You can also walk their 150-foot suspension bridge over the river or sign up for a river cave tour . On the latter excursion, you’ll trek along the Tanamá River, then navigate through a limestone tunnel via kayak. Explore two different caves along the river and go for a swim in the natural pools and near the waterfall.

For another adrenaline-filled experience, make your way to the east of the island to enjoy the largest adventure park in the Caribbean. ToroVerde offers a range of zip-lining adventures, including The Monster — America’s longest zip-line with 2.5km of cable. That’s the equivalent of 28 football fields! If this doesn’t get your heart racing, nothing will.
La Cueva Del Indio in Arecibo
La Cueva Del Indio is a site where the indigenous Taino people gathered regularly. The cave itself is a huge cavern, with holes opening to the sky and limestone walls adorned with carvings. These carvings — said to have been made during ceremonial activities — are thought to predate Columbus’ arrival by several centuries and today offer a unique window into the past. Be careful in your descent though, as the rocky ledges can be sharp and slippery. If that seems a little too treacherous for you don’t despair. You can also take a look at the amazing view from the cliffs above.

If you’re ready for an adventure that’s out of the ordinary, Puerto Rico has you covered. Everywhere you turn on the island, you’ll find an opportunity to experience something new and exciting, enabling you to create memories you can hold onto forever. Whether you seek hidden waterfalls, unique eateries or adrenaline pumping adventures, you can find it all in Puerto Rico.
If you’re excited to get out of your comfort zone , it’s time to explore all the rich and wonderful pockets of Puerto Rico.