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Photo: Dos Bocas Lake, Utuado

Puerto Rico’s mountains are filled with must-visit locations. There’s a rare pre-Columbian archaeological site, the town that spawned the most famous of Puerto Rico’s rebellion against the colonial Spanish, and the famed Ruta del Lechón, a gastronomic journey dedicated exclusive to roast pig, the ultimate Puerto Rican delicacy.

Its verdant valleys, plunging canyons, and swift rivers of central Puerto Rico have made the region an eco-park that includes one of the longest zip lines in the world.

Central Destinations

Adventure Route

The high concentration of natural resources makes this region a top destination for exploration and adventure tours. Whether through forests, mountains, caves, canyons, sinkholes and rivers, you can choose your favorite adventure.

  1. 15 Knots Kiteboarding School

    Website (787) 215-5667
  2. Acampa Nature Adventure

    Website (787) 706-0695
  3. AdvenTours

    Website (787) 530-8311
  4. Aventuras Tierra Adentro

    Website (787) 766-0470 | (787) 754-7543
  5. Batey Zipline Adventure, Inc.

    Website (787) 484-3860
  6. Bieque Eco Trips, Inc

    Website (787) 922-2701
  7. East Island Excursions

    Website (787) 860-3434
  8. Enchanted Island Eco Tours

    Website (787) 888-2887
  9. Explora

    Website (787) 900-7755
  10. Legends of Puerto Rico

    Website (787) 605-9060
  11. Rocaliza Adventure Tours, Corp

    Website (787) 268-0101
  12. San Cristobal Hiking Tour

    Website (787) 647-3402
  13. Seaplanes in Paradise

    Website (602) 377-8470
  14. Segway Tours

    Website (787) 598-9455
  15. Taino Divers

    Website (787) 823-6429
  16. Tours de la Montaña

    Website (787) 214-9753
  17. Vieques Adventure Company

    Website (787) 692-9162
  18. Yunke Zipline Adventure

    Website (787) 242-3368
  19. Spoon Food Tours

    Website (787) 249-4488
  20. Puerto Rico Tour Desk

    Website 787-710-1109


Ciales is the beginning of the coffee zone that characterizes the mountainous region. A visit to this town most include a cup of coffee for a complete local experience. Interested in coffee history, don’t miss the Coffee Museum.

  1. Coffee Museum


    Website (787) 313-0925

Moreover, Ciales is one of the major sites for climbing and doing other adventure activities in Puerto Rico. For more information on Ciales Climbing routes let the experts of Rocaliza guide you.


There is perhaps no more poignant moment in Puerto Rico’s history than the Grito de Lares, or “Cry of Lares.” In 1868, a group led by Ramón Emeterio Betances revolted against the Spanish and took over the small town of Lares. Even though the rebellion was quickly crushed, the town remains a symbol of Puerto Rican pride and thirst for independence. While in Lares, you simply must stop at Heladería Lares for some of the best homemade ice cream in Puerto Rico. It comes in all sorts of flavors, including the more exotic ones: pumpkin, rice and beans, and even garlic.


It is one of the largest municipalities of Puerto Rico and it is a perfect destination for tourists and visitors that really enjoy the mountains. Utuado offers perfect “match and mix” activities for a complete and memorable experience. You can visit Caguana Archeological Site, walk through the Rio Abajo Forest, cross Dos Bocas Lake by boat and eat in one of the romantic lakeshore restaurants and/or explore rivers and beautiful caves.

Scenic Route

This route, composed by several roads, traverses the island of Puerto Rico from west to east (or vice versa) along impressive views of the Puerto Rico Central Mountain Range. PR Highway 143, from Adjuntas to Barranquitas, comprises one of the main sections where you might feel to be closer to the sky and inspired by nature.

Some of the attractions along the scenic route are:

  1. Café Lucero

  2. Café Pomarrosa

  3. Toro Negro National Forest

  1. Caguana Indigenous Ceremonial Center

    This National Historic Landmark dates all the way back to 1,200 BC. It features several ball courts and a small museum of Taíno artifacts.


  2. Dos Bocas Lake

    This manmade lake between Utuado and Arecibo is surrounded with hilltop restaurants with a great view to the water and lush mountain vegetation. There’s a port where you can catch a free boat ride to any of the restaurants.


  3. Doña Juana Falls at Toro Negro Forest

    The lovely Doña Juana Falls in the Toro Negro Forest (located in Orocovis) are actually a chain of three falls that end in a clear, refreshing pool. This secluded spot attracts far fewer crowds than the more popular La Mina Falls in El Yunque.


  4. San Cristóbal Canyon

    A unique geological site, the San Cristóbal Canyon between Barranquitas and Aibonito is the only volcanic rift on the island, forming a deep ravine that measures 650 feet. This is a destination best reserved for serious, experienced adventurers. A reservation is required.


  5. Tanamá River

    Many tour companies travel to Utuado’s Tanamá River, which winds its way through this mountainous region. Among the activities you can enjoy here are tubing, caving, and canyoneering. Several companies offer [Tanamá tours]. {link to Tours tab}


  6. Toro Negro Forest

    When you visit the second-highest peak in the Cordillera Central mountain range, you can expect your share of forest hikes. Stop by the ranger station on Route 143 and pick up a trail map. Among the highlights at Toro Negro are the challenging hike to the observation tower, the small but picturesque La Confesora falls and pool, and the spectacular Doña Juana waterfall. Route 143 is the main artery that runs through Toro Negro. This road is part of the Ruta Panorámica, or Panoramic Route, a scenic, winding network of roads through the central region of Puerto Rico.


  7. Toro Verde Adventure Park

    Come to Orocovis for its spectacular eco-park, Toro Verde, which boasts hanging rope bridges, rappelling, hiking, and one of the largest zip lines in the world.


One of Puerto Rico's emerging culinary superstars is Chef Ventura Vivoni. If planning to visit our Mountains, make sure to check Hacienda Luz de Luna & Vida Ventura Restaurant for an exquisite, outstanding culinary experience. Check our Event Calendar and look for Dinner at Hacienda Luz de Luna.

La Ruta del Lechón

Lechón, or roast pig, is one of Puerto Rico’s most popular foods. The Guavate district of Cayey is its mecca. This route will take you through a string of roadside eateries along Road 184 for one of the most authentic gastronomic experiences you can have in Puerto Rico.

  1. Casa Bavaria

    Mesón Gastronómico


    Website (787) 862-7818
  2. Restaurante Las Garzas, Parador Villas Sotomayor

    Mesón Gastronómico


    Website (787) 829-1717
  3. Restaurante Tío Pepe

    Mesón Gastronómico


    Website (787) 735-9615
  1. Casa Grande Mountain Retreat


    Website (787) 894-3939
  2. Hacienda Gripiñas


    Website (787) 828-2207
  3. Hotel Treasure Island


    Website (787) 714-0808
  4. Parador Villas Sotomayor


    Website (787) 829-1717
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  11. Wild Bull

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