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Photo: El Yunque National Forest, Luquillo

Key facts about El Yunque

  1. 1 Hiking at El Yunque - La Mina is the most frequented trail. Located off Route 191, it is a relatively easy hike that leads to one of the forest’s most beloved sanctuaries: La Mina waterfall. You will probably want to dive in. Bring a change of clothes.
  2. 2 Other Trails - Among other popular paths, there’s Juan Diego Falls, which lies farther along Route 191. Mt. Britton Tower leads to a stone tower built in the 1930s and offers stunning panoramic views. And if you’re up for it, there’s El Toro Peak that will take you to the highest point of the forest at 3,532 feet.
  3. 3 Biodiversity - 225 tree species, innumerable fern, epiphyte, and vine species, at least 16 amphibian species, 20 known reptile species, 11 native mammal species, 5 introduced (exotic) mammal species, and a combination of approximately 80 endemic, native, winter and summer migrant avian species.
  4. 4 Water - Eight major rivers that originate in El Yunque supply water to 20% of the island’s population. To ensure sustainability, these watersheds are managed to also guarantee water for the forest’s ecosystems.
  5. 5 A Pristine Forest - El Yunque’s core is still in primary condition. To this day, it exists without significant human modification. It is the largest remnant of the original forest that covered virtually all of Puerto rico at the time of the Spanish arrival more than 500 years ago.
  6. 6 Scientific Importance - El Yunque National is an insular tropical forest with one of the longest histories of forest research, dating back to the 1930s.

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Driving Directions

From San Juan take Road 26 towards Carolina until you reach Road 3. Take Road 3 towards Fajardo for about 20 minutes until you get to Río Grande. Take Road 191 to El Yunque.

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On Your Own

You could easily rent a car, drive to El Yunque, and hike its trails by yourself. Click here for orientation.

Guided Tours

El Yunque is one of the most important tourist attractions in Puerto Rico. Therefore, almost all of our tour companies visit it. Head to the Hiking and Sightseeing section of our Tours page for a detailed list.

Specialized Tours

  1. Yunque Rainforest Eco Guided Tour


    Website (787) 706-0695
  2. El Yunque Glow in The Dark


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