Planning a Trip to Puerto Rico

Planning a Trip to Puerto Rico

Discover all the essentials for planning your perfect vacation to Puerto Rico.

Ready to enjoy a truly magical, enriching, and tasty travel experience in Puerto Rico? You've come to the right place! Get the latest travel deals and offers, find out how to get here and navigate the Island, explore restaurants and hotels, and browse sample itineraries to help inspire your trip. 

No passport needed for U.S. travelers

Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, American citizens and permanent residents don't need a passport to travel to the Island. However, they must always travel with a valid ID, such as driver license or a state ID card.

Drive all the way around the Island to enjoy beaches, historic sites, and delicious food.

Drive around the Island to enjoy beaches, historic sites, and delicious food.

Getting Here & Around

With two international airports and several smaller, regional airports, getting to Puerto Rico by air is easy. Millions of passengers also arrive in Puerto Rico each year by cruise, and the San Juan Cruise Port is ranked among the top 20 ports in the world.

Once you've arrived, you can comfortably get around San Juan by taxi, rideshare, or public transportation. Or, explore more of Puerto Rico by renting a car! You can drive all the way around the Island in about five or six hours, but you'll want to stop and enjoy beaches, historic sites, and delicious food along the way. 

More About Transportation

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From seafood to meat cuts and specialty dishes, you can find flavors to entice your palate everywhere. 

Restaurants in Puerto Rico

You’ll find a wide variety of dining experiences available in Puerto Rico. For visitors staying in the San Juan metro area, the city is home to elegant fine dining establishments that elevate local cuisine to a culinary experience alongside more humble establishments specializing in traditional Puerto Rican dishes, and a variety of international influences, including Asian, Italian, Mexican, and numerous other cuisines. Beyond San Juan there are many more delicious adventures awaiting you, including regional specialties (roasted pork in the mountains, various seafood preparations along the coast, numerous specialty fritters, and much more).

Find restaurants in Puerto Rico

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