Coalición Pro Corredor Ecológico del Noreste


La Reserva Natural del CorredordelNoreste (RNCEN) is an area of extraordinary natural and scenic value in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, recognized since 1978 by the state and federal governments and various local and international conservation organizations. This Natural Reserve is located on the coastal strip north of PR-3 between the Sandy Hills condominiums in Luquillo and the Seven Seas resort in Fajardo. The Reserve consists of approximately 3,000 acres of land including San Miguel, La Selva, Las Paulinas, El Convento, and Colorá beaches.

El Corredor Ecológico del Noreste is home to diverse natural ecosystems, such as coastal forests, wetlands, mangroves, coral reefs, seagrass meadows, a bioluminescent lagoon and miles of pristine beaches, which serve as habitat for more than 50 rare, critical, threatened or endangered species, and even unique to Puerto Rico. In addition, the Corridor's beaches are considered among the most important in the United States for nesting the tinglar -the world'slargest sea turtle. Its natural resources make it irreplaceable as part of our natural heritage.

We encourage you to enjoy the Northeast Ecological Corridor as cozily as possible to individual tastes. Within the options to share and enjoy this space you will find: kayaking, snorkeling and scuba, trail tours, beaches, surfing, camping areas, bird watching, sea turtle nesting, environmental interpretation, among many other things. These activities are complemented by shops and services in the urban area of Luquillo and Fajardo. We are waiting for you!

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