Parque Ecológico Monte del Estado


This state-managed vacation center has 24 cabins with two rooms that can accommodate up to six people. The Center's facilities include a swimming pool, a basketball court, and several recreational areas. In addition, this resort is famous for the spectacular view of the Southern part of Puerto Rico it offers.

The camping area has 12 campsites; each is a flat, circular gravel area with a charcoal BBQ pit, a hose bib, and a picnic table. Prices vary depending on the size of the tent and the number of people; a small tent with maximum 3 people is $15 a night, a medium tent with a maximum of 6 people is $30 a night and any arrangement of tents with up to 12 people is $55 a night. The facilities count with two bathroom areas, showers and large tubs for washing hands as well as rinsing clothes and camping gear, there are picnic pavilions available for rental and trails that lead to lookout spots. Campers are also allowed to use the swimming pool located at the vacation recreational area for an additional $2 per person per day.

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