Group enjoying dinner at El Pretexto in Cayey. 

Group Dining

Puerto Rico has something for groups — and bellies — of all sizes.

Whether you’re preparing for your next big game, match, or meet; just finished an event; or are here to watch and cheer — you need proper nourishment. Luckily Puerto Rico has more than 4,000 restaurants that range from food trucks and chinchorros (roadside kiosks) to local hot spots and fine dining — in addition to your steady diet of sunshine and beaches! No matter the size of your team or sports group, you’ll find numerous options to satisfy every taste and budget.

From quick bites to long and leisurely dining experiences, Puerto Rico’s culinary delights will have your sports group/team/you excited for a second helping. Try some classic comida criolla (the island’s unique style of creole cooking), or other local specialties such as seafood, fritters, and mofongo.

Regardless of the type of food you’re craving, whether street food, local specialties or international flavors, Puerto Rico has something for groups — and bellies — of all sizes.

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