Press Release

The Discover Puerto Rico team recently visited the “Hecho en Puerto Rico” (Products Association of Puerto Rico) headquarters at Plaza Las Américas. Located at the island’s largest shopping mall, this easily accessible site is also home to a permanent store which features over 100 products made in Puerto Rico—from coffee to cleaning products. During our visit, we toured the store and learned about the wide variety of products and services available. We also sampled some local sweets such as the traditional coconut candies made by Dulzura Borincanaand even a freshly baked vegan bread by Baby Blue Bread.

Hecho en Puerto Rico’s President, Liliana Cubano, spoke to us about the Association’s mission which isto protect and promote the manufacturing and services made and offered by companies with operations based in Puerto Rico. Liliana also educated us on their membership process and the many benefits currently enjoyed by more than 100 companies:

  • Use of the "Made in Puerto Rico" seal
  • Workshops, seminars and trainings
  • Strategic alliances
    • Associations
    • Technological Brokers
    • Universities
    • Financial sector
  • Inclusion in Plaza las Américas store and online store
  • Monthly electronic bulletin Made in Puerto Rico
  • Media interviews
  • Opportunities to promote partner products in the portal and social networks
  • Services to develop minority companies through the Minority Business Development Agency
  • Technical assistance to access funds supplemented with contributions from the Federal Small Business Administration
  • Financing capital Improvements through the Puerto Rico Business Development Center
  • And more!

About Hecho in Puerto Rico

“Hecho in Puerto Rico” is the brand name of the Products Association of Puerto Rico, a non-profit organization incorporated in 1967. Its origins go back to 1910 when Don Antonio R. Barceló founded the Puerto Rico Association to protect the island’s main industries which were sugar cane, coffee and tobacco.

In 1913, the legislature of Puerto Rico approved Law # 52, which established the Puerto Rico Association, later renamed the Products Association of Puerto Rico.  The Association’s official logo was a mechanical wheel with the slogan "Made in Puerto Rico." Ever since, the logo has remained pretty much the same and has become a recognizable icon that can be found on the packaging of products made in Puerto Rico.

Hecho en Puerto Rico’s partners are companies focused in the manufacturing, processing, marketing, distribution and export of products. They are committed to sustainable economic activity from companies that generate jobs, contributions, financial and human capital and helps to grow our local economy.

How to Become a Member