Get back in touch with nature at the Tanamá river. 

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In Puerto Rico, the more the merrier. 

Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for your clients, as there is so much to see and do on this 3,500-square-mile Caribbean island.

Lovers of history and culture can enjoy some of the oldest Spanish settlements in the New World, including fortresses, cathedrals, lighthouses, and other landmarks. Foodies can enjoy dining their way through the distinctive gastronomy of the island — combining Spanish, African, and Caribbean influences — as well as local coffee farms, a route celebrating roast pork, and much more. Adventurous spirits will relish exploring the only tropical rainforest that's part of the U.S. National Forest System, speeding along one of the world's longest zip lines, riding the best surf breaks in the Caribbean, or enjoying a day hanging out on some of the world's most beautiful beaches. And because Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory, there won't be any last-minute panics at the airport because someone forgot their passport!

The destination experts at Discover Puerto Rico are on hand to help you plan your client’s trip to the Island.  We can do everything from assisting with hotel/resort proposals and transportation to providing inspiration for educational and cultural tours and excursions. Explore this section for ideas, itineraries, and planning tools, and don't hesitate to contact our Leisure Sales Team for more support. 

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