Making the most of a beautiful day at Crash Boat Beach in Aguadilla.

Group Experiences

At roughly 100 miles by 35 miles, the island of Puerto Rico might look small on a map, but it is packed with an amazing diversity of experiences.

From relaxation to adventure across golden beaches and densely forested mountains, the island offers a wealth of natural beauty, culinary experiences, culture, and more.

Inspiration for Every Type of Group

Pristine Relaxation

Serenity seekers will enjoy basking on secluded beaches like Poza de las Mujeres or Playa La Esperanza, both in Manatí, a mere 30-minute drive from San Juan metro area. Or walk into Bosque Encantado, a forest straight out of a tropical fairy tale. The island’s selection of luxury accommodations also include some unforgettable spa experiences in magical settings.

Woman zipping down the Toro Verde Zipline

Woman zipping down the Toro Verde Zipline.

Adventures Galore

Travelers craving an adrenaline rush can defy gravity rappelling off a cliff at the Cañón San Cristóbal, taking a ride on one of the world’s longest ziplines at Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park, skydiving in Arecibo, climbing Cerro Punta in Jayuya — the island’s highest point — or hiking trails to breathtaking waterfalls in El Yunque. After the adventure, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy a cold local beer or refreshing natural juice.

Island Romance

Memorable moments are waiting throughout the island for couples. Indulge in room service and spa experiences with an ocean view at a historic hotel in the Condado district of San Juan, or enjoy a quiet anniversary in an intimate parador along the Panoramic Route that runs through the heart of the island’s Central Mountains. The island’s exceptional beauty, delicious dining, and charming hospitality make it an unforgettable setting for a romantic getaway.

Family playing at the Copamarina Beach Resort

Family playing in the sand at the Copamarina Beach Resort.

Family Travel

Travelers with children will find the perfect blend of fun and cultural education while experiencing the island’s rich history and unique activities. Spend a day exploring the colonial forts of Old San Juan followed by kite-flying on the grounds near El Morro. Or spend time frolicking on a secluded beach, taking a boat tour to a nearby island, or a cave tubing adventure on a river. There’s plenty to see and do at during a day museum-hopping in Santurce or paddling through the island’s bioluminescent bays that families will love.

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