Traveling far from home or to a new destination can be an exhilarating and inspiring experience. Puerto Rico is an ideal place for students to gain memories that last a lifetime and truly grow—taking these lessons with them as they move forward in education and life.  

A visit to the island will encourage students to:

Open their minds

The unknown can be scary. Stepping outside our comfort zone is never easy. In Puerto Rico, students meet endless opportunities to experience new things challenging them to do just that! Whether it’s taking their first salsa lesson, trying fresh coconut water—though they claim they’re not a huge fan of coconuts—or using their Spanish for the first time in conversation with a native speaker, students go home excited to try even more new things … with confidence!

Walk away with a deeper understanding of the world around them

Puerto Rico is teeming with culture and traditions likely new to students—from Three Kings’ Day parades in January to clapping the moment a plane touches down on the island. Though some students may need to acclimate to things that are done differently than they’re used to, through conversations and shared experiences they’ll ultimately understand there are perspectives other than their own and carry that empathy throughout their lives. Differences are meant to be celebrated and locals love sharing their heritage and experiences with visitors.

Come back and visit again!

After students have the time of their lives on one trip, they’re going to tell everyone they know about all the cool things they experienced and learned. Whether it was kayaking in one of Puerto Rico’s three bioluminescent bays, ziplining through the majestic trees of El Yunque Rainforest, or an exciting conversation about music and family with a Puerto Rican student, they’ll want to plan their next trip before the one they’re on is even over.

When asked where their favorite place to visit is, don’t be surprised if students say—without hesitation:

“Puerto Rico, obviously.”