These island-centric experiences will be the highlight of your group’s visit.

Drawing inspiration from Puerto Rico’s mix of heritages, history, creativity, and gastronomy, local DMCs infuse the best of the island into your next event. Outside the meeting venue, excursions and tours allow attendees to experience the island’s culture firsthand while supporting local businesses. A DMC guarantees your guests will have a truly authentic experience in a one-of-a-kind destination.

A plate full of Puerto Rican fritters.

Most DMCs will bring the culture of Puerto Rico right to your event. Interactive DMC, for example, starts you off with a big Puerto Rican Welcome, bringing out beloved carnival characters such as vejigantes and cabezudos for an enthusiastic bienvenidos. You can add a traditional Bomba dance performance, with bomba skirts for the ladies and hats for the gentleman so they can join in. For a taste of the island, a traditional cocina criolla menu (Puerto Rican creole) can be presented in thematic food stations, taking attendees on a chinchorreo (bar hopping) journey from the mountains to the coast. 

Other DMCs, like RST, bring another piece of Puerto Rican culture to your event by inviting local artisans. Guests can take home unique gifts lovingly crafted by local artists and craftspeople. RST even brings in a tobacco roller, who will handroll local cigars during the event. 

Art lovers will be thrilled by the variety of museums and galleries, as well as street art, found almost around every corner in San Juan. Destination Puerto Rico combines art and food starting off with a visit to Lote 23 food park, followed by visits to the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, and Museo de Arte y Diseño de Miramar (MADMI).

More hands-on experiences can also be arranged, like the one offered by Interactive DMC and Innovation DMC, which includes a trip to artist Samuel Lind’s gallery in Loíza for an art tour and class. Several DMCs also offer excursions to Calle Cerra, where the Santurce es Ley street art festival is held every year. Guests will marvel at this open-air gallery, each city block laden with dozens of murals created by local and international artists. 

Many DMCs also offer walking tours of Old San Juan. Innovation DMC has an afternoon program exploring Old San Juan. Attendees will get to know Puerto Rican culture on a tour of iconic historical sites in Old San Juan complemented with cultural and culinary experiences. Within the tour, there will be four stops for participants to enjoy a tasting of traditional culinary delights and music of Puerto Rico. Guests sample Spanish tapas, learn to dance salsa, and make their own rum cocktail.

More adventurous groups can head out of the metro area for a more immersive experience in the countryside. Interactive DMC can organize a farm-to-table meal at a rural hacienda with a pitorro (moonshine) making class. RST take you to the town of Loíza, where guests will discover Puerto Rico’s African and Indigenous roots via interactive experiences such as a turban workshop, arts and craft class, a Bomba and Plena dance performance, and an outing to a cave where ancient Taíno artifacts and carvings have been found. Lunch is in the neighborhood of Piñones, known for its beautiful beaches and food kiosks serving local fritters and fresh seafood with an ocean view.