It’s Time to Relax in Puerto Rico

Let’s face it - meeting planning has become more complicated. Now, more than ever, it’s time to work together. So, we want to be your partners to provide innovative FREE content for your upcoming virtual or hybrid meetings. 

Aerial view of Royal Isabela.

Pranayama Breathing Session from Puerto Rico 

This 8-1/2 minute breathing session provides a relaxing break for your virtual meeting agenda.

Our Island yoga instructor and Discover Puerto Rico team member demonstrates the art of Pranayama breathing overlooking the gorgeous Puerto Rican coastline. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word to describe yoga breathing exercises that can quickly increase our energy, release stress, improve our mental clarity, and improve our physical health. We will whisk your group away to our Island paradise for just a few minutes, so they can imagine breathing in our soothing, tropical breezes. 

Guided Meditation from Puerto Rico 

This 12-1/2 minutes session will provide a tranquil, guided meditation break in your virtual meeting agenda.

We’ll virtually whisk you away to our Island paradise so that your attendees can clear their minds before returning to the next session with renewed energy. Our Island yoga instructor and Discover Puerto Rico team member will walk your participants through a relaxing and easy meditation while featuring sweeping Island views of our mountains and beaches. They’ll listen to waves rolling across the beach, the tropical breezes through the rainforest, rushing waterfalls, and our delightful coquí frogs. After this session, they will feel like they just visited Puerto Rico. 

Aerial view of Royal Isabela.

Island Zen Yoga from Puerto Rico 

This relaxing 37 minutes of Island Zen Yoga is an excellent addition to your virtual meeting as a tranquil morning transition into the day’s agenda.

Your attendees will feel as if they are practicing in our Island paradise as they virtually experience our tropical breezes and panoramic ocean views. This session will quiet their minds, stretch their muscles, and relax them so they are ready to retain and participate! 

When it comes to planning your next virtual meeting, we want the process to be as laid-back and stress-free as our Island. Enjoy! 

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