In Puerto Rico, there are many ways your group can have a positive impact on the Island during your visit. 

We know that corporate social responsibility will be a big priority for groups moving forward in this new era. The team at Discover Puerto Rico can help identify opportunities that will not only meet your CSR goals but will give meeting attendees a closer look at our Island's one-of-a-kind beauty and culture. 

Here are a few examples of current projects with our local DMC partners: 

Rutrex Puerto Rico can design a transformative program featuring interactive learning and cultural experiences like salsa or bomba workshops, visiting local community galleries, having an in-depth conversation with local artisans, learning about street art in the city, and partaking in unique musical traditions in the countryside. Your group's impact will be felt by showing respect through learning, showing financial support for supplies, and extending the reach of local art by sharing these experiences with your communities back home.

GSI, in partnership with The Art Walk PR, can create a cultural tourism project designed to promote Puerto Rico's vibrant art scene through curated experiences, like an art community outreach program with the El Gandul, Barrio Trastalleres Community, one of the sub barrios of Santurce, and the edgier side of the San Juan arts scene. The project can include clean-up of the area, restoration of existing murals, and the creation of new murals with local artists. 

Our partners at Interactive DMC are ready to collaborate with your group on a program called Cultural Connections at Piñones. COPI (Corporacion Piñones Se Integra) is a center for the arts & culture in this Afro-Puerto-Rican community that has preserved its cultural richness and identity. Participants will experience positive social collaboration while working with local artists on a community mural. COPI is well known for delivering rich and entertaining cultural experiences through Puerto Rican bomba & plena workshops. Participants will learn the cultural importance of this unique dance expression while connecting with community volunteers passionate and committed to keeping our culture and traditions alive.

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Additional activities to consider

  • CREARTE - Alternative learning school from 7th to 12th grade that focuses on innovative teachings in art, science & technology.   
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico – With eleven clubs throughout the island, this organization assists over 12,000 young people with after-school programs and various other services aimed at enriching their lives.  
  • Para La Naturaleza – A non-profit organization that integrates the community and society to conservation of its natural resources. Their goal is to provide conservation awareness through their facilities and volunteer opportunities through the experiences they offer.   
  • PECES This group’s main focus is the education and development of community-driven businesses.  
  • Friends of Puerto Rico This group aims to develop the first financially empowered generation of civically engaged leaders. Working with women and youth across the island, its STEM-based entrepreneurship program SEEDS allows youth ages 9+ to start their own business. Women participate in an accelerator program and network to start and scale their businesses AMIGAS. Volunteer opportunities include visits to schools, online mentoring, and visiting their farm in Las Marias, Puerto Rico. Also, through the Café Ama Love partnership, youth can run their own business and keep the funds to open their enterprise.