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We are a full-service tour operator focused on experiential tourism: we believe that travel can help one grow and live fully through experiencing local culture. The guests we host, be it a family or a group, return home feeling a little bit Puerto Rican in their own right, brimming with rich memories of music, dance, street art, authentic food, and deep human connections that touch your heart.

For individual guests:
As local partners for DERtour and Travelhouse, major European tourism companies, we provide hotel, transportation, and tours for individual visitors from all over Europe. Our VIP programs include private rum or coffee tastings, personal chefs to both learn and enjoy local cuisine, private salsa or yoga classes, unique nature trips, meeting with local artists, and having an in-depth discussion of local history. In 2019, we hosted almost 200 families who flew to Puerto Rico to enjoy Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Hamilton production and tour the island while here. Our approach during pandemic emphasizes safety through moving all experiences outdoors, using individual car rentals, as well as safety protocols like wireless audio to keep distance and N95 masks while interacting with staff.

For groups:
In addition to tour programs and all-inclusive packages, we specialize in creating social responsibility experiences in collaboration with local non-profits. We have hosted Yale Alumni Chorus Foundation that came here to sing with a local chorus. We have hosted a team from Direct TV/ATT that came to volunteer in disadvantaged communities painting homes of the elderly. After Hurricane Maria, we hosted groups of 20 to 100+ from McKinsey, Hostelling International, Tourism Cares, Amadeus, and Fareportal to help clean up devastated local farms, national parks, and support local entrepreneurs.

Our team experience includes project management for Fortune 100, logistics for sports events in the United States, Europe, and Asia, and over ten years of experience in Arts Management. We are stellar at execution and also big on fun, especially when it comes to salsa dancing, Italian cuisine, and playing the oboe.

Client testimony:
Russ Hedge,
CEO of Hostelling International USA
April 2018 (six months post-Maria)
“The work was strenuous and the day sweltering, yet deeply satisfying [….] thanks to the inspiring example set by the local people we met along the way.”

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