With six distinct regions, Puerto Rico offers a world of possibilities on one Caribbean island.

Puerto Rico measures approximately 100 by 35 miles and has incredible geographic diversity—from glistening white-sand beaches to lush mountain ranges. The Island is small enough to drive around in a few hours, but the sights, sounds, and flavors you can discover along the way are vast. Each of Puerto Rico's six regions and 78 municipalities has a unique identity that manifests in the delicious local cuisine, diverse cultural activities, landmarks and attractions, adventure tours, colorful festivals, and, of course, the people. Here, you'll see why it's so rewarding to explore beyond San Juan and truly discover Puerto Rico.

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A woman looks over a tropical forest in Puerto Rico.

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On your dream vacation, will you spend days exploring secluded beaches? Listening to the sounds of nature in a tropical rainforest? Morning yoga sessions followed by afternoon surfing? Exploring art museums and sampling world-renowned cuisine and cocktails? In Puerto Rico, you can do it all – but first, you'll need to find the region that suits your travel style.

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