Whether you’re looking for history or mystery, relaxation or adventure, authentic food or signature drinks, there’s a themed shore excursion for you during your cruise to Puerto Rico. Here are just a few ideas of the experiences that await!


  • Discover Old San Juan's rich history and visit top tourist attractions on a walking tour.
  • Savor a coffee, food, or rum tasting by booking a tour or exploring on your own following our recommendations.
  • Speaking of rum, did you know Puerto Rico is the “Rum Capital of the World?” Visit Casa Bacardi, Barrilito, and San Juan Artisan Distillers.
  • Sway to the music and rhythms of Puerto Rico through a variety of unique dance experiences.
  • Challenge yourself on an outdoor sports adventure in San Juan. Kayaking, scuba-diving, biking, water bikes, and paddleboards? We’ve got them all!
  • Venture east of San Juan to the El Yunque rainforest, the food Kioskos de Luquillo, Las Croabas, bioluminescent bays, and Seven Seas.
  • Go north to explore nature at Cavernas de Camuy, Martinez Dairy, Frutos del Guacabo, and more unique places.
  • Head to the center of the Island to explore mountains and nature, go on hiking and caving tours, or feel the thrill of ziplining. After your adventure, refuel with local food and drinks at a popular hangout.  

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