Cañon Blanco is a hidden gem located in the municipality of Utuado. 


Embrace the magical places and natural beauty of Puerto Rico's great outdoors.

From white-sand beaches and majestic canyons to glowing bio bays and the only tropical rainforest in the United States, Puerto Rico is filled with a wide variety of incredible places and countless reasons to get outside and explore. Whether you want to take it fast or slow, embrace the natural beauty that surrounds you in Puerto Rico.

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A man jumps into a swimming hole at Canon Blanco in Utuado, Puerto Rico.

Live Boricua!

To Live Boricua means to embrace the call of adventure and find the joy in every moment. Whether you're on basking on a beach, jumping into a hidden swimming hole, biting into a crunchy alcapurria, or joining a salsa dance party in the street, dare to live every moment in Puerto Rico.

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From surfing and scuba diving to hiking and zip-lining your way through our mountains, Puerto Rico's adventurous side awaits.

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