Soak up the sun, ride the waves, explore underwater life, and find your favorite beach.

What is a Caribbean vacation without some beach time? There are over 270 miles of coastline in Puerto Rico. That translates into nearly 300 beaches to choose from! Sandy trails lead to stunning natural pools of crystalline waters that will leave you in awe, regardless of what you decide to do during your visit. 

The Island's diverse geography presents locations that attract many water sports enthusiasts such as surfers, bodysurfers, paddleboarders, snorkelers, divers, etc. Some beaches also provide a secluded cove setting that anyone who wants to get away from crowds would appreciate. However, if you are looking for a "party beach," Puerto Rico has those too. 

So, whether you want to take a break and soak in the sun, ride the waves, or explore underwater life, the Island has a perfect spot to your liking.

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Best Beaches for Relaxing in Puerto Rico

With around 300 miles of coastline, Puerto Rico's beautiful beaches can be found all over the Island. Here are some of our favorites!

Flamenco Beach in Culebra

Flamenco Beach


Clear skies above your head and warm, white sand beneath your feet is the way Flamenco beach will make you fall in love with it. This "postcard-ready" captivating beach is one of the world's top beaches. Ideal for swimming, unwinding, and simply beach-bumming, this location is the very reason visitors choose to venture outside the mainland.

Aerial view of Playuela and Los Morrillos Lighthouse

Make sure to visit Los Morrillos lighthouse and La Playuela. 

La Playuela

Cabo Rojo 

This southwestern half-moon-shaped gem will leave you in awe with its breathtaking waters and scenery. It takes a little bit of hiking to get there, but you will see how magnificent its dramatic landscape is once you arrive. La Playuela is perfect for either a lazy day under the sun or an adventure exploring the astonishing surroundings. 

Two people enjoying Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla.

Crashboat Beach in Aguadilla.

Crash Boat


This is the most popular beach in Aguadilla. With a wide range of activities to do, like swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing, and -during the winter- surfing, Crash Boat is a playground for everyone. A few feet away is El Natural, a famous diving spot with a huge reef full of marine activity. 

Aerial view of Icacos Beach.

The turquoise waters of Icacos Beach.

Cayo Icacos


The clarity of the water there is like no other on the east coast of Puerto Rico. The long strips of reefs beside the abandoned pier are home to many schools of fish and other marine creatures that you’ll get to observe while you snorkel. Whether it is by a water taxi or a private charter, don’t miss the chance to stroll around the white-sand shore of this natural reserve and have a great day of swimming, snorkeling, or paddleboarding under the sun. 

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Aerial view of Domes Beach in Rincón.

Domes Beach in Rincón.



A true surfer's haven, Domes is located between a lighthouse and Puerto Rico's inactive nuclear reactor. With turquoise waters and golden sand, this beach is an excellent spot for whale watching during the winter. Although it is not a place to go swimming, it is a fun beach to lay back and relax, watch surfing competitions, and even take a horseback riding tour. 

View of Jobos beach in Isabela.

Jobos is a trendy beach in Isabela.



Just like Crash Boat, this lively and vibrant beach is a local favorite because of the many attractions surrounding it. Jobos' waters glisten like a true stained-glass masterpiece, and the prominent vegetation will provide many layouts where you can rest in the shade. 

View of the mangrove island known as Gilligan's Island in Guánica.

The clear waters of Cayo Aurora (AKA Gilligan's Island) make this biosphere reserve a top choice for snorkelers.

Cayo Aurora (Gilligan’s Island)


Although it is not officially a beach, this cay has the most transparent water in Puerto Rico. Nicknamed after the popular TV show, it is part of the Guánica Biosphere Reserve. The small island is fenced in by a healthy mangrove system that creates intimate spots throughout the cay. You can only get there by renting a kayak or a private boat! 

La Monserrate Beach

La Monserrate


This heart-stirring beach – a popular choice because of its facilities – is preferred by families and large groups. Sometimes designated as a Blue Flag beach, the calm waves and low tides make it ideal for bringing kids around. The balneario even has a camping and picnic designated area.

Combate Beach

Cabo Rojo

As a part of the Boquerón National State ForestCombate beach is also a popular choice. Its sparkling waters and large-scale reefs turn pristine shores into a paradise for diving enthusiasts. Preferred by younger crowds, this site is the ideal to enjoy the best sunsets in Puerto Rico. Be sure to jump off the pier; it’s a thing there! 

Beach in Vieques.

Sun Bay


White sandy strips and turquoise blue waters… who needs more? Sun Bay is Vieques' trendiest spot, and you'll immediately see why. There are tall palms trees and lush landscape where you can hang up a hammock and admire the dreamy surroundings. This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag recognition many times. 

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Tortuga beach in Culebra



Accessible only by boat or seaplane, this white-sand cove that serves as a home and feeding ground to green turtles is one of Culebra’s hidden gems. Almost considered a deserted beach bliss, you can bump into many beautiful sea creatures while doing some amateur snorkeling. You should take up a charter and don’t miss the wonders of this tropical paradise. 

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Isla Verde Beach at sunset

Isla Verde


With a strip of hotels and restaurants along its shores, Isla Verde is one of the most popular beaches. This beach – perfect for parasailing and jet skiing, is often voted as the best urban beach in the Caribbean.

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El Escambron beach

El Escambrón

San Juan

This is the perfect spot to witness the contrast between Old San Juan and the modern city. Recognized with Blue Flag awards throughout the years, El Escambrón is the most picturesque beach in San Juan. There you can do anything from snorkeling and swimming to having a romantic stroll. It is also part of the Tercer Milenio Park, which offers fun recreational activities and services. 

Caja de Muerto

The view from the Isla Caja de Muertos lighthouse.

Pelícano Beach


The protected sanctuary Caja de Muertos has one of the most crystalline waters in the south of Puerto Rico. It received the first Blue Flag distinction to a beach located at a natural reserve. There, you’ll be facing the open waters of the Caribbean Sea and watching a variety of birds that nest in the hills near the boulders. Its name, which translates to "coffin," derives from the shape of the cay. 

Beach in Isabela



Direct access and its shallowness make this natural pool the family-preferred beach in Isabela. The depthless tides provide a safe environment for kids and toddlers to play around while the adults relish the scenery's calmness. A natural wall prevents the strong surf from rushing in. The crowd you'll find there is mostly local.

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10 Songs to Relax at the Beach


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