Enjoy a rum cocktail and nibble some fried plantains during a food tour in Puerto Rico.

Food tours are a great way to get to know a new place while also indulging in local gastronomy. Get a crash course on the history and traditions of Puerto Rico through food and drink significant to the island. As a bonus, local tour guides are a great source of recommendations for places to visit on your own during your stay. Whether it's your first time in Puerto Rico or your fifth time, you'll learn (and taste) something new.

Get Shopped

Get Shopped offer three culinary experiences in Old San Juan (and none of them require you going to a grocery story). "The Mofongo and Mojito Tour" features a walking historic tour of Old San Juan which culminates with a three-course meal where you'll actually get to make-your-own mofongo. For the coffee lover, go for the "Secrets of Espresso Tour" which focuses on several of the historic churches of Old San Juan, with stops at two coffee shops to sample hot and cold coffee beverages. On the "Rum, Mixology, and Salsa Tour," after a brief walk around the Old City where you'll learn about Puerto Rico's rum history, you'll get to sample a classic piña colada, learn to make two tropical cocktails, and finish with a salsa dancing lesson.

A group samples food on a Spoon Food Tour.

You'll taste a range of local foods on a Spoon Food Tour.


Spoon offers a variety of experiences for travelers looking to sample both modern and traditional Puerto Rican cuisine and cocktails. You can take a morning or sunset walking food tour of Old San Juan, where you'll learn about Puerto Rico's history, architecture, and gastronomy, stopping at nine restaurants along the route. Or opt for the "Sip & Savor Cocktail Tour" to sample cocktails and bar bites at five bars around Old San Juan. The Spoon Experience also offers a "San Juan Drive Around Food Tour" which takes you to culinary destinations outside of the Old City as well as a Flavors of Puerto Rico Cooking Class where you can learn three traditional recipes.

A group samples Puerto Rican coffee on a Flavors of San Juan food tour.

Tasting local coffee is a highlight of a Flavors of San Juan food tour.

Flavors of San Juan

Flavors of San Juan is the top-rated food tour company in Puerto Rico according to TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Airbnb. On the "Old San Juan Food Tour," you'll explore the historic heart of the capital, learn about the history and culture of Puerto Rico, and stop at five different restaurants to sample local cuisine and drinks. Come hungry because they don't skimp on portions! If you just want to grab a drink, take the "Rum Runners Craft Cocktail Tour" and enjoy unique rum-based cocktails at three Old San Juan bars you probably wouldn't find on your own.

A vibrant Chinchorreo bus waits for its passengers to finish up at their latest stop.

A vibrant Chinchorreo bus waits for its passengers to finish up at their latest stop.

Chinchorreo Bus

In Puerto Rico, chinchorrear is when you get a group of friends and family together and go on a road trip into the mountains or along the coast, stopping at different restaurants and bars to grab a bite and a drink, maybe dance a bit of salsa, and move on. Chinchorreo Bus offers an authentic Puerto Rican chinchorreo experience without the hassle of having to plan the stops, drive the car through twisting mountainous roads, and then get home in one piece after a full day of drinking and eating. They offer different routes around the island, with pit stops to enjoy public art and murals, as well as sample local cuisine and drinks off the beaten path.