When planning your Puerto Rico getaway, choose locations that are certified green for all your endeavors.

Sustainable Travel in Puerto Rico

Respect the environment while enjoying paradise.

If you’re concerned about the environmental, social, or economic downsides of travel, choosing a lighter way to visit a destination can ease your mind. For example, going the road-less-traveled and leaving nothing but footprints and love is the best way to bond with Puerto Rico. And, when traveling to the heart and soul of the Caribbean, you don’t have to give up a paradise-like vacation to become a more conscientious traveler.

Here, there is no shortage of pristine beaches, untouched forests, and mesmerizing landscapes. They are ideal for any adventure-seeker or relaxed traveler searching for the perfect backdrop on their vacation. The best part: You can make it low impact! 

Although the options for excitement are infinite, the world’s resources are not, so opting for a sustainable trip makes you a caring wanderer. That means you respect the environment; you’re taking care of nature and your surroundings; you’re down to learning about different places and cultures while having fun in unique and impactful experiences.

But how can you make your trip sustainable and conscientious? Well, it requires a shift in mind and soul to make decisions that will have a positive, long-lasting impact on locals and yourself. When you manage your resources, maintain Puerto Rico’s cultural integrity, choose ecological lodging and adventures, and support local small businesses, you actively protect this Caribbean paradise.

Discover Sustainable Experiences in Puerto Rico

View of a cavern at the Rio Camuy Cave Park in Puerto Rico.

The Río Camuy Cave Park is located in Puerto Rico's northwestern region.

Be intentional!

When planning your getaway, choose certified green locations for all your endeavors. From lavish hotels like the St. Regis Bahia Beach Resort to eco-friendly properties like the Dorado Beach, a Ritz-Carlton Reserve, cozy paradores like Turtle Bay Inn, boutique Bed and Breakfasts like Casa Sol, solar-powered lofts like Hix Island House, and immersive camping in Pitahaya Glamping, and more; there are plenty of accommodations to fit your style of eco-friendly.

Various locally-led initiatives highlight Puerto Rico’s beauty while ensuring the natural resources’ good use and conservation. Exploration tours like the Camuy River Cave ParkGuánica’s Dry ForestEl Yunque, and more give you a sense of the variety of the Island’s landscape. Meanwhile, other low-impact activities such as kayaking in a bioluminescent bay and ziplining through a forest will take your breath away.

Ecotourism Experiences in Puerto Rico

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The Island’s climate, topography, and hydrology make it ideal for immersing in agriculture. The agro-diversity offers the opportunity to experiment and taste different fruits, local products, local cuisine, learn about the process behind each food and live the culture and traditions of the Island. Agrotourism allows you to experience firsthand the culture and traditions of the land.

Likewise, through eco-friendly experiences, you can enjoy natural and cultural attractions while protecting resources and granting an economic impact directly to local populations. These experiences don’t compromise options for future generations and have three essential components: conservation of resources, community benefits, and an environmental interpretation program.

You can also meet community models of socio-economic transformation based on the green and solidarity economy. Get to know the forests, reserves, history, culture, and ecological value through the lens of Boricuas. And there’s the Blue-Flag Program, an international award given to beaches, marinas, and tourist boats that comply with strict criteria established by the program. They stand out for cleanliness, security, information centers, and appropriate environmental management.

Panoramic view from Royal Isabela.

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