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Find out why Puerto Rico is one of the best destinations for ecotourism and sustainable travel. Being an Island with such a diverse landscape, it’s only natural that both locals and visitors would want to take care of its unique ecosystems. 

From farm tours to caving adventures, you can immerse yourself in a variety of natural settings such as coastal valleys, the Island’s karst system, wetlands, mangroves, salt flats, coral reef reserves, bioluminescent bays, and so much more. 

Explore some of the sustainable experiences you can have in Puerto Rico.

Say cheese…

Are you a cheese lover? You can have an extraordinary experience learning the art of cheese and yogurt making at Vaca Negra, one of the Island’s most innovative agritourism centers. Nestled in the town of Hatillo, known for having more cows than people, you can please your palate with a tasting of cheeses produced and aged in Puerto Rico, as well as make cheese of your own. Add your preferred spices and stamp it with your initials before taking your creation home. Surprise the guests at your next party by breaking out some of your own cheese! 

Visit a cave 

You can have an off-the-beaten-path adventure when you go underground into the Island’s network of caves. From the Río Camuy Cave Park to the Natural Reserve of Cabachuelas in Morovis, and many others, you can learn all about the geological formation of the Island, see historical artifacts that belonged to the early Taíno tribes, and take spectacular pictures from the depths beneath Puerto Rico’s central mountain range. Many ecotourism companies offer half-day and full-day excursions with different levels of difficulty.

Exploring caves in Puerto Rico

Kayak in Vieques

While there are many kayak rentals and kayaking tours around the Island, Black Beard in Vieques offers guided explorations of the brightest bioluminescent bay in the world. As ecotour operators, they also offer hiking, biking, small sailing boats, snorkeling, kayaking, diving, and paddleboard tours around the island municipality. Through these watersports, you can enjoy both a recreational and educational experience on Vieques.

Learn more about Puerto Rico's bio bays

Just six miles off the coast, Vieques is home to a pristine wildlife refuge and the world's brightest bioluminescent bay. Vieques offers breathtaking scenery, unparalleled beauty, unexplored spaces, and laid-back experiences.

Tour a coffee hacienda

History in the countryside… and locally grown coffee! Visit a working coffee plantation like Hacienda Muñoz in San Lorenzo, Hacienda Lealtad in Lares, Hacienda San Pedro in Jayuya, among others, to experience one of Puerto Rico’s main agricultural products right at the source. You can get a detailed lesson on the production of coffee from the fruit to cup, sample some authentic specialty gourmet coffees, as well as buy a freshly roasted bag of whole or ground beans to take home. 

Become a farmer for a day

Enjoy the rural side of Puerto Rico when you visit Hacienda Don Carmelo, a horse ranch and activities center in Vega Baja. Learn about the popular equestrian traditions in Puerto Rico and practical lessons like how to start a home garden. You don’t have to be an expert to take away essential elements for sustainable living. While you’re there, don’t miss a magnificent horse show. 

Bike around the city

Rent a bike or join a biking tour at Rent the Bicycle for a unique sightseeing adventure in San Juan. Get energized and have fun while learning about the island’s history as you pedal through the city in a group. You can customize your guided experience to visit specific areas and points of interest, such as restaurants, parks, beaches, museums, and historical sites.

In this episode of our "Sounds like Puerto Rico" series, we invite you to join us on a road trip to the central mountainous area of Puerto Rico, and we will teach you how to order a coffee cup like a local. How do you take your cup of coffee?

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