Río Camuy Cave Park


The Río Camuy Cave Park is located in Puerto Rico's northwestern region, and it covers three towns: Camuy, Hatillo, and Lares. You'll find the main entrance to the park in the Quebrada area of Camuy.

The caverns are part of an extensive network of natural limestone caves and underground waterways carved out by the Río Camuy, the third-largest underground river in the world. While the cave system was officially discovered in 1958, archeological evidence shows that the caves were explored hundreds of years ago by the Island's indigenous inhabitants. Over 10 miles of caverns, 220 caves, and 17 entrances to the Camuy cave system have been mapped. However, this is only a fraction of the entire system, which many experts believe still holds another 800 caves. Only a small part of the complex is open to the public and reservations are required.

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