That means there’s always a supply of family fun, especially at the many diverse, family-friendly events and festivals held throughout the year. You’ll discover colorful parades, watch (or take part in!) traditional Puerto Rican dances, and savor authentic local flavors.

Whatever you choose to do with your crew, your Puerto Rico family vacation is bound to be your best one yet. Here’s a roundup of some of the best events featuring activities both kids and kids at heart will enjoy.

Bomba dancing in Loiza

La Bomba is a unique and signature genre of music from Puerto Rico.

Music & Dance Festivals

Music and dance are ingrained in the very heart of the Boricua lifestyle. The melodic sounds of jazz and the rhythmic beats of Bomba float from local restaurants and street corners, often inspiring spontaneous celebration on an Island known for its welcoming, playful vibe.

Fiesta Nacional de la Danza | Ponce: This lively mid-May celebration takes place in Ponce, an artistic city with wide skylines and pristine beaches. The festival centers on Danza, a classical music genre with deep roots in Ponce, offering a week of dancing, parades, and string quartets.

Festival de Bomba y Plena de San Antón | Ponce: Enjoy 10 days of Bomba and Plena music in July with a celebration that blends these two improvisational music styles with parades and colorful costumes.. The kids will love learning to groove to new tunes, beat the drums (or pleneros), and adorn their hair with traditional floral headpieces.

Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián | Old San Juan: One of Puerto Rico’s most monumental celebrations, Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián marks the end of the holiday season in mid-January. Watch San Juan transform into a multi-day concert with dancing, circus performances, and street art from early morning hours  well into the night.

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A woman holds a fresh coconut at the Kioskos de Luquillo

Enjoy a celebration of the beloved coconut in Luquillo each December!

Food, Drink & Agriculture Festivals

Puerto Rico’s culinary creativity springs eternal, from beachside kiosks with tropical fruit smoothies to delectable dishes with warm arepas and crispy tostones. Gather the whole family and enjoy these exciting new flavors together.  

Festival de las Flores | Aibonito: This annual flower festival, held in July in garden-like Aibonito, is also one of Puerto Rico’s grandest celebrations. Marvel at punchy purple orchids and bright hibiscus plants, listen to live music, and let the kids venture through the floral-inspired games and activities in the dedicated kids’ zone.

Festival del Frío | Adjuntas: Discover three days of nature in Adjuntas, a paradise of evergreen forests, peaceful rivers, and cool lakes. Hundreds of families gather in early February to hike, camp, kayak, and enjoy daily events at Festival del Frío. 

Festival del Coco Luquillo | Luquillo: About 40 minutes from the San Juan Airport is Luquillo, where Festival del Coco Luquillo takes place each December. Enjoy a celebration of the beloved coconut with rows of artisan booths, live music, gorgeous holiday displays, and family-friendly events. As a bonus, the accessible Luquillo Beach is nearby, making it convenient for travelers of all abilities.

Festival de la Novilla | San Sebastián: Kickstart your year in a burst of colors ! This cheery January festival honors one of the Island’s most important industries — cattle raising. Enjoy delicious street food like savory chicken empanadillas and sweet mango frappes while listening to folk music or salsa dancing. Stay for the festival’s pinnacle: a parade led by a young calf fitted with a bright flower crown, ribbons, and hoof paint. Listen closely as the crowd yells “mira que linda,” or “look how pretty she is!”

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A large part of Puerto Rico’s allure is its rich arts and culture scene, which generations of islanders enjoy.

A large part of Puerto Rico’s allure is its rich arts and culture scene, which generations of islanders enjoy.

Arts & Culture Festivals

A large part of Puerto Rico’s allure is its rich arts and culture scene, which weaves together indigenous, Spanish, and African traditions. Across the entire Island, arts- and culture-focused family events are easy to find.

Festival Nacional Indigena | Jayuya: Celebrate Puerto Rico’s indigenous roots and the influence of Taíno cultures and traditions throughout the tranquil Central Mountain Range. Sample coffee from some of the Island’s best coffee haciendas, ride hot-air balloons, and watch dynamic street performances in mid-November.

Balseada al Rio Camuy | Rio Camuy: Designed with adventurous families in mind, this gathering takes place in April on the banks of the Camuy River, which boasts the Western Hemisphere’s most extensive cave network. Discover mountain biking, rafting, and a scenic 45-minute downstream tubing race, where many families decorate their tubes like parade floats!

Fiestas Ciudad de El Yunque | Rio Grande: The Fiestas Ciudad de El Yunque, or Rio Grande Carnival, fills the streets with a kaleidoscope of parade floats. This four-day event, held in February, decks the town with colorful décor, amusement rides, and uncanny costumes.

La Campechada | Island-wide: Each year, a different city hosts La Campechada, a bustling art fair. Depending on the year, the event happens in either May or November — but one thing you can count on is seeing a splendid display of local talent. Avenues turn into stages for concerts and theatre performances, while fine art, literature, and crafts line alleyways. Children will love dancing with street performers and watching puppeteers.

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Puerto Rico has one of the longest holiday seasons in the world — with some of the largest celebrations around. 

Puerto Rico has one of the longest holiday seasons in the world — with some of the largest celebrations around. 

Holiday Festivals & Parades

Puerto Rico inspires wonder — especially during the holidays. The Island has a long holiday season spanning from late November through mid-January, guaranteeing plenty of joyful spirit, laughter, and good food. Regardless of the season you choose to plan your family vacation, holidays and parades are always in store.

Día de Reyes | Island-wide: Celebrate Día de Reyes (also called Three Kings Day or Epiphany) on January 6 each year. While the entire Island honors this special day with parades, festivities, and special cakes, the town of Juana Díaz hosts more than 25,000 people a year who gather to watch the Three Kings ride through town on horseback. 

Good Friday | Island-wide: Enjoy Good Friday celebrations across the Island, or should we say, across its beaches. On this official holiday, many businesses in Puerto Rico close , but beaches everywhere are packed. Join swimmers, surfers, and sunbathers for all-day fun in the sun.

San Juan Pride | San Juan: Join families in June for this inclusive kick-off event. Recognized as the Island’s official Pride Month celebration, spot rainbow-colored floats, roller skaters, stilt-walkers, and attendees of all ages, coming together in unity and celebration.

Christmas Boat Parade | San Juan: Every year, the San Juan Bay gleams with decorated boats. This colorful floating parade offers gleaming lights, lively music, and plenty of festive cheer.

A couple plays with their children. The family stands next to a vivid yellow wall with a teal blue door.

There are so many fun family activities to discover in Puerto Rico.

Discover More Family Fun

A Puerto Rico family vacation is as awe-inspiring as it is adventurous. There’s no better way to encounter new cultures than to experience dozens of exciting festivals, where you can try new meals together, learn to salsa dance, and watch the kids delight in endless displays of sound and color.

While the events above leave no family-fun stone unturned, more annual festivals like Noche de San Juan (where hundreds of people jump into the ocean at midnight), Festival de la China Dulce (where you can sample orange frappes, jams, and pastries), and Festival de la Piña Paradisíaca (where the pineapple reigns) are worth a visit, too.

For a full list of what’s happening across the Island, check out our Events Calendar!

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