The Island is perfect for multi-generational vacations with delights that will excite kids and adults of all ages. Discover all-around fun, from rosy-pink salt flats and lush nature refuges teeming with colorful birds to exciting arcades, engaging edutainment experiences, and thrilling zipline tours. Plus, U.S. citizens and permanent residents don’t need passports, making this slice of paradise an effortless choice for your next Caribbean family getaway.

Get ready for an extraordinary family vacation filled with adventure and lifelong memories.  This journey will take you to many parts of the Island, so book a rental car and bring an appetite for a great time. We’ve also rounded up the best budget accommodations for families and the Island’s top family events.

A family interacts with an exhibit at Museo Del Nino Carolina.

Museo del Niño de Carolina is your headquarters for hands-on exhibits that make learning fun. 

Day 1: Parks & Museums in San Juan

Kick off your Boricua family vacation in and around its capital with all the cultural and technological perks you’d expect from a metro area

Six young adults just before getting aboard a helicopter to tour Old San Juan.

Tour San Juan from above on a thrilling helicopter tour.

  • Museo del Niño de Carolina – This is your headquarters for hands-on exhibits that make learning fun. Dive into physics, nature, art, and music before racing go-karts, riding pedal boats, or meeting the mini-zoo’s macaw parrots.

  • TOROVERDE Urban Park – Everyone will sleep well after the excitement of ziplines, ropes courses, virtual-reality machines, and arcade games ranging from classic to cutting edge.

  • Unique Tours – Adults who want to see San Juan’s sights while keeping the kids and teens happy can check out guided explorations. Cruise on ATVs, saddle up a sleek horse, or sail past castles and fortresses.

A pair of kayakers paddle through Laguna Grande, a bioluminescent bay in Fajardo, Puerto Rico.

Make the most of your glow-in-the-dark experience by visiting on a moonless night.

Day 2: Resorts, Rainforests & Beaches

Golf courses, spa treatments, bioluminescent bays, and the enchantment of a tropical rainforest make this part of the Island ideal for multi-generational vacations.

Mother holds a baby in the air while being half submerged in a forest waterfall pool.

At El Yunque, the whole family will enjoy the refreshing waterfall pools.  

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Snorkeling destination in Rincon Pistons

An aerial view of a popular snorkeling destination in Rincón near Marias Beach. 

Day 3: Sports, Speed & Snorkeling

Spice up your multi-generational travel escapades with a little action in the Island’s South region.

Spend the day playing in the family-friendly Olímpico water park.

In the summer, head to Salinas to cool off at Olimpia Water Park.

  • Albergue Olímpico Germán Rieckehoff – This Olympic training center is also filled with family-friendly fun, like a water park, aviary, playgrounds, a botanic garden, and a cozy museum dedicated to Puerto Rico’s Olympians.
  • Salinas Speedway – Cheer on cars of all makes and models as they speed down a racing strip that gets rave reviews for having a good family atmosphere.

  • Snorkeling, Jet Ski & Kayaking – Hook up with Adventure and Water Sports to spend a day enjoying the Island’s beautiful blue waters via snorkel, Jet Ski, or kayak – whatever floats your boat!

  • Water park fun- Families can enjoy thrilling surf simulators and a wide range of activities at Surf 'N Fun, the largest water park in Puerto Rico.

Family of three hiking along the coastline at Cabo Rojo National Forest.

While at Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge, be sure to hike over to the Los Morrillos Lighthouse, nestled on the coastline.

Day 4: Wildlife, Wellness & Watersports

Admire natural wonders and tropical creatures – from land and in the sea – as you continue your family vacation in the Island’s West region.

Surfers paddle out to catch a wave at Domes Beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico.

Domes Beach, located in Rincón, is one of the Island's most popular surf breaks.

  • Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge – Stroll throughout the refuge’s expansive acreage as you keep an eye (and ear!) out for birds like blush-hued roseate spoonbills, banded-tailed cuckoos, and fluffy-topped red-footed boobies. The dusky-pink salt flats are also must-see.

  • Serene Resort Stays – Take relaxation to the max with a few nights at one of the West region’s swank resorts. Unwind with indigenous-inspired spa experiences, sunset cruises, and fine dining. The younger ones will enjoy perks like volleyball courts, palm-shaded pools, kite surfing, and riding bikes on the beach.

  • Watersports Galore – Make family-travel memories as you night-snorkel in a bioluminescent bay, take a dive trip to see underwater worlds of coral reefs, or ride the waves at top Island surf spots like Rincón, Aguadilla, and Isabela.

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Woman preparing to scale the wall at Roca Norte Outdoor Climbing Gym.

Roca Norte is a unique outdoor climbing gym in Puerto Rico's north region.

Day 5: Rock Climbing, Cave Exploration & Farm Tours

In the Island’s North region, take bonding with your crew to the next level as you climb cliff faces, wander underground, and even meet goats.

Camuy Caverns

Explore the caverns at Río Camuy Cave Park.

  • Roca Norte Outdoor Climbing Gym – How many family-travel destinations boast an outdoor climbing gym? Helmet up and scale craggy stone walls to views overlooking the lush forest. Beginner courses are offered, and kids as young as 3 can join the fun, making this a perfect activity for multi-generational vacations.

  • Río Camuy Cave Park – Carved by the Río Camuy, the world’s third-largest underground river, these limestone caves are sure to evoke “oohs and ahhs.” Bring your flashlight and watch for bats, marvel at stalactites dripping from the cave ceiling, and learn about its history on tours provided by area guides.

  • Frutos del Guacabo – Schedule a tour of this family-owned and operated farm for a one-of-a-kind agricultural adventure. Learn about (and maybe taste) the Island’s produce, milk goats, and meet other animals.

A family crosses a suspension bridge.

TOROVERDE Nature Adventure Park promises an afternoon of excitement, thrills, and family fun.

Day 6: Jungle, River & Waterfall Thrills

Immerse yourself in the Central region to experience the natural wonders and allure at the heart of Puerto Rico before returning to the San Juan area.

A group of four people tubing along and exploring the Río Tanamá.

Various local tour operators offer tours through Río Tanamá, including cave tubing, swimming, hiking, and more

  • TOROVERDE Nature Adventure Park – Soar through the mountains and over the swaying leaves of the jungle’s canopy on The Monster. At 2.5 km (about 1.6 miles), it’s one of the world’s longest ziplines and hits speeds of 95 mph! You’ll also find several other ziplines, suspension bridges, and more here.

  • Río Tanamá – This waterway rushes through three different towns and is beloved by thrill-seekers. Connect with local tour guides for wet-and-wild excursions like cave tubing, rappelling, water jumps, hiking, and other excursions.

  • Cascada Chorro de Doña Juana – Located off a main road, these magnificent falls tumble down three chutes to form a brilliant blue pool. The spot is known as both the perfect backdrop for pictures and a great spot for taking a swim.

Whew! That’s a lot to pack in six days, right? But that’s just scratching the surface when it comes to family and multi-generational vacations in Puerto Rico. Discover more inspiration for planning your getaway below!

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