Roca Norte Outdoor Climbing Gym


Roca Norte Outdoor Climbing Gym is a unique rock climbing and camping spot, where you can experience the majesty of our karstic mountains while you rock climb with a stunning view waiting for you at the top. Since we are also an outdoor gym, it means you can not only come for a one-time visit but you can experience climbing training for a month or more.

We offer guided climbing service for those who have never rock climbed (kids from 3 years old), but also daily passes for experienced climbers, climbing gear rental, special events, yoga sessions, camping area, and educational activities such as geology workshops in an outdoor setting. Our facilities are located in our beautiful property, include a bathroom and parking.

Roca Norte was created by the natural phenomenon hurricane María in 2017 and prepared by the hard work of Kenneth Irizarry and Marianela Mercado (owners) to provide everyone with a unique homey atmosphere. Don't miss this opportunity!

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