Frutos del Guacabo


Frutos del Guacabo is a family business that arose as a response to the need of its founders to reinvent themselves in 2010. Since then, its continuous evolution and development have made it one of the undeniable references in the island's gastronomy industry. Besides being a production space, it is also a meeting point where culinary agriculture is promoted through a "Farm to Table" experience. Chefs, waiters, diners, and students exchange their knowledge and experiences to continue developing the gastronomy of the island.

Although initially, Frutos del Guacabo began its operations as a small farm for the development of hydroponic products, today it is a farm that looks after the sustainability of its products and processes. Its innovation has gone from the production and development of edible flowers, micro-sprouts, breeding-handling of animals, to its natural evolution that today is materialized through the certification of agro-tourism farm to receive public within its vicinity and continue to expand in this way his educational mission within Puerto Rican society. We offer tours on the farm, to book one please call at 787-884-4216

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