Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) is the largest airport in Puerto Rico. With over 20 different airlines, SJU has more than 21,000 passengers in and out of the Island daily. Many of those airlines have nonstop flights to destinations all over the world.

Whether you are a domestic or international traveler, here is all the information you might need once you arrive in Puerto Rico: 


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) manages all the security checkpoints within the airport and Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) has improved its programs to facilitate the entrance of international travelers. 

Domestic Flights

Travelers visiting Puerto Rico from the U.S. arrive at the lower level of the airport and must walk a few steps towards Terminal A or B to claim their baggage. Passengers then exit to the airport’s public area to catch a ride to their destination. 

International flights

Step one

When arriving, international passengers exit the gate and proceed to the CBP processing area. Recently, CBP inaugurated 14 Federal Inspection Stations to reduce the time passengers spend on custom inspections. This new system can process as much as 400 passengers per hour. 

Step two

Once travelers clear CBP Primary Inspection, they must claim all their baggage and proceed to U.S. Customs and Agriculture. Luggage porters are available in the baggage claim area to help travelers who need assistance transporting their belongings. After clearing customs, travelers may proceed to exit the airport. 

No passport needed for U.S. travelers

Since Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States, American citizens and permanent residents don't need a passport to travel to the Island. However, they must always travel with a valid ID, such as driver license or a state ID card.


Car rentals

If you’re looking to travel the Island on your own vehicle, at the airport you will find around 14 different car rental companies that can accommodate the specific need and purpose of your visit. This arrangement can be made before your visit or upon arrival. 

Taxis and public buses

Taxis can be found when exiting the airport through Terminal B and C. Its main station is in Terminal A on the Arrivals Level. The airport has taxi dispatchers that advise the passengers about the costs of their trips. The Metropolitan Bus Authority buses are located in Terminals A and D at the Departure Level. 


Rideshares like Uber can pick you up at the designated area on the ground floor of Terminals A and B. 

Other Services

Service Animal Space

The airport has a designated Relief Area for the passengers’ service animals. This space is available 24 hours a day and its located in Terminal B, close to the boarding gate B-2. The airport asks the owners to clean the area after use, using the bags and trashcans provided. 

Lost and Found

Every article left behind at the airport’s common areas, such as terminals and parking lots, are stowed away at the Police Station in Terminal E. The articles are kept there for no longer than 90 days. The airport serves to facilitate communication between the owner of the lost article and the precinct. For articles left in the airplane, you must contact the airline directly. 

Money Exchange

There is a Banco Popular de Puerto Rico branch between Terminals B and C of the arrival level inside the airport that exchanges currency for those travelling international. 

Luggage Storage

For travelers coming directly from a cruise whose flights leave later, the airport has a storage facility where passengers can leave their belongings, explore the city of San Juan and then return in time to board their flight. 


All departure gates are located on the second level of the airport. Everyone travelling outside Puerto Rico must pass Customs and Agriculture inspections, located in all the entrances of the airport. All passengers must scan their luggage before checking in their respected airlines. 

To obtain the Boarding Pass, travelers can either walk up to the self-service kiosks or stand in line to be attended by the airline’s personnel. After obtaining their Boarding Pass, passengers may proceed to the TSA checkpoints. 


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