You can find the Puerto Rican flag flying pride anywhere in the island. 

Junte Boricua

Embrace your Boricua roots in Puerto Rico!

Junte Boricua invites Puerto Ricans abroad to experience a summer of cultural adventures in the heart and soul of the Caribbean. Pack your bags, open your heart, and prepare to experience the magic of the Island in a way that only a true Boricua can. Join us this summer for an extraordinary journey through the 78 vibrant municipalities of Puerto Rico, featuring an array of over 100 activities showcasing popular spots, hidden gems, and many local traditions.

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What is Junte Boricua? 

Celebrate and connect with your Puerto Rican heritage!

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People dance in the streets of San Juan

Join in the fiesta!

From May to August 2024 the entire Island will burst with life with the many events of Junte Boricua. Including the first Puerto Rican Parade in San Juan, the vibrant Campechada, and an unforgettable closing event in Old San Juan. Additionally, vibrant celebrations will fill public squares and energetic sports events. 

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