The Art Walk Puerto Rico


Did you know San Juan was selected among the 12 cities to watch in contemporary art worldwide? DISCOVER AND EMERGE YOURSELF IN PUERTO RICO’S VIBRANT ART SCENE!

Theartwalkpr, is an independent creative cultural platform designed to promote Puerto Rico's vibrant art scene through curated experiences and art walks tours. Our mission is to encourage a spirit of appreciation, collecting, and philanthropy in support of Puerto Rican artists in local residents, visitors and international settings.

We are passionate and proud of our artists and want people to live the essence of the island’s art scene in a knowledgeable, relaxed and fun way by providing unique experiences from getting to know an artist first-hand, visit their studio or experience a museum in a special way.

Our “rutas y experiencias” include a range of experiences from group tours of the murals at “Calle Cerra”, casual cocktails at Santurce’s alternative art spaces, sit-down dinners at an artist’s studio and private sleepovers and activities at museums for families. Theartwalkpr will also tailor experiences based on the cultural calendar which can include festivals and fairs such as Santurce es Ley and MECA Art Fair, among others. Theartwalkpr’s future long-term goal is to expand its services to New York City and Chicago where so many Puerto Rican artists are living and producing their work.

Let’s ART walk together!

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