Eco's Sports Park


Eco's Sports Park is located at the heart of San Juan, in the Parque Luís Muñoz Marín, and it can be accessed through the park's Domenech Avenue entrance. The sports park is located directly next to the Pedrín Zorrilla Coliseum and the Hiram Bithorn Stadium.

Eco’s Sports Park facilities include:

• 3 Soccer fields with Footsal dimensions. The highest grade artificial grass by Astro-Turf the pioneers of the synthetic grass industry. The three fields combine to create a larger Football, Kicking-ball, Whiffle-ball, Flag-football or Ultimate Frisbee and other sports.

• 3 Illuminated sand courts for beach Tennis and Volleyball.

• 2 Basketball, Volleyball and “Indoor Soccer” courts.

• 2 Padel courts; mix sport between Tennis and Racquetball. The first courts of their kind in Puerto Rico.

• 40 kW+ in solar panels.

Besides the sports areas, Eco's Sports Park has 3 complete concession stands. Eco Bites is a great option for yummy comfort food. EcoFresh which offers amazing bowls with salad, rice, quinoa and much more and Eco Crush which offers a grand variety of fruit and vegetable smoothies and acai bowls.

We have our own Rooftop Bar, Sports Store, Activity room with 7 television screens 3 Playstations, 1 super Nintendo and a Ping Pong table.

Our 4000 square foot Entertainment Plaza, outdoor billboard movie cinema of 16'-by-9'. 3 Beer Pong tables, 4 Jengas, 4 sets of Dominoes and many more popular games

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