Finca Neo Jibairo


Finca Neo Jibairo is an agroecological farm dedicated to the cultivation of fruits, vegetables, and specialty tobacco farming in Puerto Rico. Moreover, it is the first farm in Río Grande to be certified as an Agrotourism Farm (2020) by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company and endorsed by Made in Puerto Rico (2023).
In addition to the cultivation areas, Finca Neo Jibairo offers various agrotourism experiences that you can book.

Finca Neo Jibairo Experiences:
-Turrolandia: Bar, a shop featuring farm-made cigars, and an area for artisanal pizzas. We offer a variety of cocktails, whiskies, local craft beers, Puerto Rican rums, coffee, souvenirs, and more. Open from Thursday to Sunday starting at 3 pm. No reservation is required.
-Create your own cigar workshop
-Educational Farm Tour
-Dinner Nights
-Online Cigar Shop
-Event Rental Area

And don't forget to visit our souvenir shop, where you can get our 100% Puerto Rican cigars, t-shirts, artisan crafts, and much more!

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