Tropical Trail Rides


Here at Tropical Trail Rides, we offer a variety of possibilities for your horseback riding adventure. We operate 7 days a week with 2 rides daily. The morning ride, at 9 am, is a perfect way to start your day. Or if you prefer, you can see the best sunsets on the 4 pm tour. Each tour lasts approximately 2 hours, and it’s amazing what you can do in those 2 hours! We cater to groups or individuals. Inquiries into specialty rides are welcome. We have 30 horses available and our horses are well cared for, very gentle, but spirited! We take pride in the health and happiness of our animals.

We start off our tour with a nice ride along the beach (and how many people have had that fantasy?). With the soft sand and beautiful blue waters around you, it’s hard to not appreciate natures beauty. We here at Tropical Trails are not interested in bustling people through, we want you to enjoy what our island has to offer. This is not a commercial endeavor, but more of personal experience.

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