From waterfalls to the Caribbean Sea, natural beauty abounds in Guayanilla.


A piece of paradise adorned with beautiful coasts and luscious mountains.

Guayanilla, also known as "Land of Agüeybaná" (a reference to a powerful Taíno chief who ruled the area), is located in the southwest corner of Puerto Rico. With access to the Caribbean Sea, it's easy to explore its beautiful waters. Not to mention, the region is perfect for hiking and cave diving, too.

Charco El Oro in Guayanilla

Charco El Oro in Guayanilla.

Beaches, Caves and Forests in Guayanilla

There is a wide variety of outdoor habitats to explore within the municipality, including beaches, caves, dry forests, and underground rivers.

Bordering the Caribbean, you’ll find breathtaking coastal views at beaches like Emajagua, Tamarindo, and La Ventana. Another interesting sight can be found at Charco El Oro, a small waterfall and series of river pools located along PR-378. Its name comes from the color of its stones, which are made of iron pyrite (or fool’s gold).

El Convento Natural Protected Area covers one of the largest underground cave systems found in Puerto Rico. Two of the park’s star features are El Cedro gorge and El Convento Cave, which include an underground river and a canyon with striking limestone cliffs. The subterranean river is an oasis within the arid southern portion of the Island and provides much-needed hydration for diverse plants and animal species. As such, the park is home to many endemic species of flora and fauna and is a popular spot for birdwatching, among other activities.

Note: Because of the sensitivity of the ecosystem, entrance is limited to those with permission. To schedule a guided tour, contact Para La Naturaleza, which is an organization that oversees many of the Island’s protected nature preserves.

Two people dine on a patio, clinking wine glasses.

In Guayanilla, savor fresh seafood like shrimp and ceviche, lobster, and red snapper.

Dining in Guayanilla

Guayanilla's proximity to the coast makes fresh seafood a must-try, but the city's cuisine is as diverse as the Island itself. Expect savory meals seasoned with fresh herbs like garlic, cilantro, and Caribbean thyme. Savor bright and zingy fruit and vegetables toppings like chimichurri or bites of tender, slow-roasted pork.

For breakfast, grab a warm pastry and a cup of locally grown and roasted coffee at Quebradas Bakery. After exploring Guayanilla's many gorgeous beaches, grab lunch at Don Miguel Fried Chicken, whose playful spin on classics like tostones and amarillos offer a creative taste of the Island. Later, enjoy a family-style dinner at El Triangula Sea Food II or Michael Miller Seafood & Steakhouse, where fresh seafood like shrimp and ceviche, lobster, and red snapper await.

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