Café Finca Cialitos


You don't have to stray far in order to live one of the most authentic coffee experiences in Puerto Rico. Finca Cialitos, which sits right on San Francisco Street, prides itself in its never-blended, perfectly-roasted, 100% arabiga coffee from southern Puerto Rico. If you're serious about coffee, ask for a macchiato (an espresso shot topped with a teaspoonful of frothed milk) so that you can taste the complex, fruity notes that this exquisite coffee delivers. You can also refresh yourself with an iced coffee or get a boost from a latte, all are equally delicious. If you're lucky the owner and agronomist Joaquín Pastor (certified Q grader) will have caracolillo beans available, which infuse the drink with a more intense flavor and aroma. Be ready to take with you several bags worth of coffee beans, for this coffee is one of the most carefully elaborated ones you’ll find anywhere in the world. After you have ordered your brew, you can relax in the lounge or in one of the comfy armchairs by the windows.

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