CasaBlanca Hotel


To walk into centric Hotel CasaBlanca is to be transported to a parallel reality in which colors explode and eclecticism reigns. Although the hotel-boutique has an air of sophistication and silver-screen glamour (“Here’s looking at you, kid” Bogart seems to eternally toast from the TV in the lobby), it feels young and actualized. The golden brocade curtains evoke a sense of luxury and decadence, and the vases with heliconias and monsteras remind the guests that they are in tropical paradise. A fountain-like chandelier hangs right above the concierge, while the modern glass elevator takes its guests up to the intimate terrace with a full view of San Cristóbal Castle and the Capitolio. The thirty-two rooms are fully equipped with a private bathroom and the usual amenities (A/C, WiFi, a TV and daily housekeeping, among many others). There are five different types of rooms in order to cater to your needs, so don’t forget to ask about their offerings when you’re planning your stay.

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