La Casa Estrecha


La Casa Estrecha roughly translates to “The Narrow House.” Indeed, this yellow two-story house is as narrow as it gets! From wall to wall, this house measures approximately 5 feet and since it is wedged between two standard-size buildings, the contrast is quite stark. Nevertheless, before la Casa Estrecha was transformed into a house, it was an alley that led into the central courtyard of the surrounding buildings. Eventually, the alley became obsolete, and it was given a ceiling and a façade so that it could be used as a house. Around the early 2000s, the proprietor, architect Antonio Álvarez, remodeled the narrow building to house an art gallery focused on highlighting the works of San Juan’s artists such as John Meléndez and María Antonia Ordóñez. Moreover, one of the most special parts about this house is its non-interrupted view of San Juan’s bay. On a sunny day, you can see all the way to the town of Cataño and the mountain range in the distance, including the island’s tallest peak: Cerro Punta. Nowadays, Mr. Álvarez opens his fantastic house to visitors who wish to explore its petite dimensions.

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