Rainforest Zipline Park


The best zip line experience for all!

* Included in the HALL OF FAME of Trip Advisor, five consecutive years of Excellence based on the feedback of our participants.
*The number 1 activity recommended in Río Grande town.
*People from 8 years and older, with or without experience, can come and enjoy the zip line experience with us!

Eight zip lines, eight different experiences, starting basic and increasing difficulty gradually. You will go in control speed lines, high speed lines, over the canopy level of the trees, between trees, there is a little of walking between trees, and at the end a van from the company will return to the original meeting point.
There are two parallel lines, where you will zip line, side by side, with another person of your group:
#2 THE RACE – Just for fun, a friendly competition, easy, semi-control speed lines
#7 THE JUMP OF THE BRAVES – the longest lines in the North and North-East of Puerto Rico, over the canopy level of the trees side by side so you will see each other during that travelling time.

Located in a privilege place at the top of a hill with beautiful panoramic views from the Atlantic Ocean, valleys and mountains, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Line #5 is the MAGICAL VIEW LINE, which will bring you to an open dome in the border of the hill where you become part of that natural scenery. Line #6 is the FREE STYLE LINE, is a control speed line where you can fly or dance in the air. ENJOY IT!

It is an awesome experience for:
*families and groups of friends with different ages, interests and levels of skills. Imagine three generations enjoying together this experience! Grandparents, with their “kids” and grandchildren! Fabulous!
*honeymooners, bachelorette party – Enjoy together this unique experience that will be remembered all your life!
*Company Team Members - A zip line experience full of fun and adrenaline! Enjoy the experience and celebrate the achievement together!
*birthday parties – A 1.5 to 2 hours zip line experience full of fun, enjoying with friends and family!

The seven days of the week: 10:00 a.m., 1:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m.

Tour Includes:
*8 Zip lines
*Safety Gear
*Guided Instructions

*Age limit: eight (8) years
*Maximum weight per person: 250 pounds

Tour details:
*Duration: 2 hours approximately
*Minimum two (2) guests

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