Restaurants in the East

Walking the line between tradition and innovation.

From fresh-caught seafood and mofongo to brunch and barbecue, the eastern region has everything. Aside from the Metro area, it is the most gastronomically diverse region of the Island. On the coast, most restaurants have personal relationships with the local fishermen, guaranteeing an ample supply of fresh-caught lobster, snapper, mahi mahi, and conch, typically served on top of mofongo or stuffed into an alcapurria or empanadilla. Some forward-thinking restaurants are experimenting with Asian seasonings and preparations, American barbecue techniques, and incorporating local ingredients into dishes like risotto or sushi.

Head up into the mountains and you'll find classic Puerto Rican cuisine is king at most eateries, many with breathtaking views of the central mountain range, the rainforest, or the coast. But in more urban areas like Caguas and Juncos there's a burgeoning restaurant scene led by young chefs bringing innovation and creativity to a fairly traditionalist region. Coffee shops serving brunch, artisanal pizzerias, creative tapas and cocktails, and fun food trucks are now cropping up where you'd least expect them.

Restaurants in the East


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