Artisan Directory of Puerto Rico


Now there is a place online to find that Puerto Rican craft you’re looking for! is an online directory of over 200 Puerto Rican artisans. The directory will help you find the perfect "artesania" (crafts). Then, from the directory, you can contact the artisan directly to make the purchase. Even find typical food and drinks, as if you were at a local craft fair!

Search by keyword, name of the artisan, city, or the type of crafts. Each artisan listing contains product photos, links to his social networks, biography, and information about his workshop and products. You can even contact him directly from the directory!

•Made in Puerto Rico
Each piece is unique, original, and locally made. You’re purchasing a quality product. The artisans have years of experience making their crafts using materials from our island.

•Protect Our Culture
Crafts reinforce the cultural identity and traditions of our country. Our artisans keep alive the processes, materials, and products of our cultural heritage

•Support the local economy
Directly support the artisan who is creating the product and therefore helping the economy of Puerto Rico. Also, you will get a fair price for the craft. Our main objective is to generate direct connections between artisans in Puerto Rico and buyers inside and outside the country.

As Puerto Ricans, we are proud of our artesanías. With this directory we want to make them known throughout the world!!

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