Hacienda Monte Rey


Hacienda Monte Rey is a 40-acre private property in the town of Luquillo on the eastern side of Puerto Rico. The property is located in the Sierra mountains of Luquillo which shares the beautiful scenery of the El Yunque National Rainforest and the Sabana River that goes through the property. Hacienda Monte Rey is an example of Puerto Rico`s properties on how we can work to create farms, houses, and businesses with eco-energy sources and eco-friendly techniques. Maintaining the beautiful scenery of the rainforest without destroying it or creating air pollution is an example of creating eco-friendly and sustainable private properties and businesses in Puerto Rico.

The camping reservation provides the following:

1. Camping area
2. Firewood
3. Picnic tables
4. Bathroom (hot water)

The local attractions close by:

- El Yunque Rainforest (15-minute drive up the mountain)

- Las Paylas rockslide (1-minute drive & 5 minutes walking)

- Luquillo beaches which are La Pared, Playa Azul, Balneario de Luquillo, Los Kioskos de Luquillo, etc. (10 minutes drive)

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