Los Tres Cuernos


During the last decade, Los Tres Cuernos has cemented its reputation as one of the locals’ favorite bars in Old San Juan. Its inexpensive drinks, lively environment and fun décor offer one of the most authentic nightlife experiences in the old city.  This bar offers a fantastic selection of chichaíto, a sweet mix of rum, anisette and a couple of coffee grains.  What sets Los Tres Cuernos aside is that they flavor the strong concoction with myriad tropical fruits, sucha as tamarind, passionfruit, guava and coconut—among twenty other flavors!  While you drink up, you can also spend quite some time looking at the hundreds of vandalized dollar bills that decorate almost every inch of the establishment. If you’re wondering about the eerie masks hanging from the ceiling, those are the vejigantes’ caretas— a distinct allusion top Los Tres Cuernos’ past as a local art gallery.

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