Papa Rupe Brewing Co.


Located in the heart of Ponce, Puerto Rico, Papa Rupe Brewing Co. is located within the walls of a historic house (built-in 1893) that once belonged to Thomas Armstrong Toro, one of the most important figures of the formation of Ponce’s Golden Age.

While historic in spirit, Papa Rupe at its core offers an innovative gastronomic experience with its beer-based food items, 20 beers on tap, and a loving culture for history and the arts that surround our community. The history that surrounds the namesake decorates our 127-year-old house, promising to take you on a trip to the late 1800s Ponce and its Spanish architecture. As history geeks, we strive to preserve our cities rich history, to show others the importance of preserving our historic patrimonies and why it is so important to educate about our upbringings. That is why the overall architecture of the house has not been touched, the walls, doors, ceiling, and arches have been preserved as close to their original state, so our customers can feel its timeless magic. Come take in our rich history and stay for a few brews! Cheers!

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