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Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC.Tours: A. Bio Bay Puerto Rico Kayak Adventure "Day Kayaking" Bio Bay Puerto Rico Kayak Adventure (Day Time Kayaking) - Nature, Mangrove Forests, Historical Lighthouse, Bird Watching and Beach Time! Love Nature? Come and see the only place on the island where seven of eight ecosystems come together within the beautiful Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve, enjoy birds, iguanas, crabs, mangrove tunnels, views of a historical lighthouse, views of the only tropical rainforest in the U.S. Forestry System El Yunque in the background and leisure time on Seven Seas beach! Hate crowds, this is your adventure! (Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC.) B. Bioluminescent Puerto Rico Lagoon Kayak Adventure "Night Kayaking" Don’t let the day end when the sun goes down! We offer a guided bio bay kayak tours at sunset. Let our guides lead you through a mystical channel surrounded by mangrove forest into the fascinating “Laguna Grande” of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. Under the blanket of the night sky & the historical lighthouse, you can touch the water that glows with bioluminescent organisms! (Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC.) C. Full Moon Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Adventure "Night Kayaking" Our Full Moon Fajardo Bio Bay Kayak Adventure is the perfect nature adventure under a full moon, and if your stay in Puerto Rico happens to fall during the full moon stage you don’t have to miss out on our “Night Kayaking Tours”! This tour was developed as an alternative to the Bioluminescent Lagoon Kayak Adventure during the full moon cycle as the reflection of the moonlight on the surface of the lagoon makes it difficult to see the bioluminescent organism. But that same moonlight exposes mangrove forests, eight ecosystems, bird life, second oldest lighthouse in Puerto Rico, iguanas and much more of natures secrets that are normally overlooked on the darkest nights! (Puerto Rico Bio Bay Tours LLC.)

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