Explore the Ruins of the Hacienda Santa Lucía, a former sugar mill, in Yabucoa.


Just an hour ride from the metro region, Yabucoa's beautiful beaches, lush forests, and sugar-sweet history await.

Known as The City of Sugar, Yabucoa has a delicious history as part of the Island’s sugar industry, but nowadays, visitors to this southeastern town can enjoy a multitude of offerings, including sandy beaches, tropical scenery, and local culture.

Palm trees tower over an idyllic beach in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico.

The lovely beaches of Yabucoa tend to have smaller crowds than others on the Island.

Yabucoa Beaches and Outdoors

For beachgoers, the Guayanés, Lucía, and El Cocal beaches are Yabucoa’s most popular coastal spots — but that doesn’t necessarily translate to the same crowds as beaches closer to San Juan or famous spots on the west coast. El Cocal has golden sand, bright turquoise water, and a small rocky formation that creates a natural pool perfect for younger travelers.

The Punta Yeguas Nature Reserve, also called Doña Inés María Mendoza Nature Reserve, offers an enchantingly diverse landscape with meadows, sandstone cliffs, and three promontories of sedimentary rock that watch over the sandy coast. If you climb up to the highest point on a clear day, you can see the island of Vieques and the Sierra Pandura, a mountain range that creates a natural border between the towns of Maunabo and Yabucoa. It is also known as Cuchilla de Pandura and La Pica. To explore this area you’ll need to schedule an excursion through the Para la Naturaleza organization, which helps conserve natural spaces throughout the Island.

The ruins at the Roig Sugar Mill in Yabucoa

Explore the Roig Sugar Mill in Yabucoa, where you can see historic equipment dating back to 1883

Yabucoa's Sugar History

To get a taste of Yabucoa’s history, head to the Ruins of the Hacienda Santa Lucía, a historical monument where you can find what remains of the former sugar producer’s buildings and machinery. Or stop at the Roig Sugar Mill, where you can see historic equipment dating back to 1883, along with views of the Guayanés River.

Discover the town's history on a guided walking tour through the urban center, where the history of the municipality is shared, along with a visit to the town hall, the oldest churches, the playground, and the mosaic of town lore. For more information, you can contact the Yabucoa Tourism Department at (787) 893-3000.

Yabucoa Festivals

Festivals are also an important part of Yabucoa’s culture. Attend the Sugarcane Festival, which honors the area’s sugar-production history, or check out the Beach Festival; both events are hosted in May. In October, the town hosts events in honor of their patron saint and the peasants (Campesinos). They are lively festivals with artisans, live music, and entertainment.

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