Stroll along El Malecón and enjoy excellent seafood restaurants, bars and photo opps. 

Santa Isabel

“The Land of Champions” offers an abundance of natural beauty and baseball.

Known as "The Land of Champions" thanks to the area’s rich sports tradition, Santa Isabel is located on the south coast of Puerto Rico between Juana Díaz and Salinas in what is known as the Costanera del Sur. The municipality is known for its rich natural beauty and the welcoming hospitality of its people.

Outdoors and Beaches

Santa Isabel is rich in agriculture and produces a great variety of tropical fruits such as mangoes. But its outdoor beauty extends farther than its bountiful fields.

El Malecón is a recreational boardwalk along the waterfront that is in close proximity to seafood restaurants, bars, and other local businesses. For a photo opportunity and a relaxing lunch, this is a great place to start your visit.

There are a variety of smaller islands off the coast that are part of the Punta Petrona Natural Reserve and accessible by boat. There are a handful of cays and islets near the reserve as well, including the Caracoles, Cabezazos, and Alfeñique cays. Closer to land, Isla Puerca is nearby Jauca and Clavellina beaches. These are both less-crowded beaches, particularly during the week. Cortada beach and Santa Isabel beach are both popular and beautiful options in the area.

In the neighboring community of Guayama, the Bosque Estatal de Aguirre, or Aguirre State Forest, offers opportunities for nature walks, eco-tours, and more amid beautiful mangrove trees that provide habitat for a variety of local fauna.


The local baseball team is the Santa Isabel Potros, who you can see play at the local stadium, if you’re visiting during the season. The area has also produced more than its fair share of Major League players, considering the size of the community. Notable locals include former Rangers pitcher Jóse Guzmán, Astros shortstop and former AL Rookie of the Year Carlos Correa, and former Padres star Benito Santiago, among others.

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