The coastline in Aguada


If you want to get off-the-beaten-path on Puerto Rico’s west coast check out Aguada, a small town tucked between surfer havens Rincón and Aguadilla.

In Aguada you'll find beautiful beaches, an eclectic restaurant scene, and less buzz than its more publicized neighbors. Curiously, there's also a Mayan-style pyramid, a 16th-century chapel, and modern, eco-friendly Earthships being built.

Here are a few things to do in Aguada:

Towering white church spires in the background and a bronze statue of Columbus in the foreground

Towering San Francisco de Asís church spires and a statue of Columbus in downtown Aguada.

Things to Do

Cultural Landmarks

Aguada is known as la Ciudad del Descubrimiento, or "City of the Discovery," since many believe this is where Christopher Columbus landed when he arrived in Puerto Rico during his second voyage to the Caribbean. It became an important stopover port for Spanish ships heading to the rest of the Americas; the name of the town actually comes from the phrase hacer aguada, which means to restock a ship with fresh water. To come into close contact with a remnant of these times, visit Parroquia Santuario Protomártires de la Inmaculada Concepción, a modern church that houses the ruins of Ermita del Espinar, a 16th-century Franciscan chapel constructed of stones and decorated with ancient religious artifacts.


Since Aguada shares a coastline with Aguadilla and Rincón, the beaches in this town are equally stunning. The most famous is Balneario Pico de Piedra, a stretch of sandy beach that's ideal for swimming and hanging out with the family. There are lifeguards as well as parking, food kiosks, showers, and gazebos. At different times of the year, music festivals are held on the beach.

Most of the other beaches in Aguada, including Playa Aguada, Playa Mameyito, Playa Espinar, and Playa Río Grande are equally as gorgeous with crystalline waters and smooth white sand, but don't have the same facilities as Pico de Piedra.

Pirámide de Aguada

Aguada resident Nelson Ruiz was inspired by a trip to Chichén Itzá in Mexico to recreate a Mayan-style pyramid on his property that will eventually serve as a mausoleum for Ruiz and his wife. Today, it's become a popular stop for people driving through or visiting Aguada. The pyramid is visible from PR-411 and is open to the public for pictures and exploration.

Earthship Puerto Rico

Aguada is the home of Puerto Rico's first Earthships. These sustainable and hurricane-resistant buildings, created by New Mexico-based nonprofit Biotecture Planet Earth, are constructed out of natural and recycled materials, including dirt, tires, glass bottles, and other items. Travelers are encouraged to visit the site to learn more about sustainability and the process of creating an Earthship. Tours of the structure are available most days, and the entrance fee is $10. The property also has on-site lodging for those who seek a truly immersive experience. 

The colorful facade of Olaja's Bar & Grill in Aguada with the ocean in the background

You can enjoy ocean views while you eat at Olaja's in Aguada.

Restaurants Near Aguada

The PR-115 road leads right to Pico de Piedra beach, where it forks: one way heads to the town of Rincón, the other continues along the Aguada coast. In both directions, there are dozens of different restaurants and bars to choose from, many of them right on the oceanfront. For traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, cold drinks, and front row seats to the best sunsets on the Island, visit any of the chinchorros (open-air bar-restaurants) and food trailers along the coastal road, such as Olajas Bar, Fogata Beach Grill, Waves Seafood, The Island Bar & Restaurant, and many more.

Following this road will also take you to La Cruz de Colón, a picturesque plaza with a white cross in the center marking where Columbus disembarked in 1493.

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