Puerto Rico’s astonishing color palette makes it an alluring place to live and work, but natural beauty is just the beginning.

Here—in no particular order—are 10 reasons why you’ll love working from your tropical home-away-from-home. 

It’s Closer Than You Think

No matter where you currently live in the U.S., Puerto Rico is quicker and easier to get to than almost any other tropical spot you might be considering. A nonstop flight from Miami to San Juan takes less than three hours, and the flight from New York is right around four hours. Traveling here is just like visiting any other U.S. state; all you need is a valid driver’s license or state ID.

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Great Timing

Close proximity also means that it’s no problem to stay connected to mainland coworkers throughout the day, i.e., you likely won’t need to take conference calls in the middle of the night! For half of the year, Puerto Rico’s time zone is the same as Eastern Time, and you’re just an hour ahead during the other half (the Island doesn’t observe Daylight Savings). 

The Weather is Better

Dreading the endless chilly months ahead? In Puerto Rico, the temperature generally stays between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit year-round, so you can ditch the parkas and snow boots for shorts and flip-flops. The Island climate doesn’t just feel great; extra sunshine can reduce stress, lift your mood, and help with restful sleep, all of which is great for your productivity and mental health.

Smooth Transition

You might feel like you’re worlds away as you gaze out at the crystal-clear Caribbean, but there’s also a strong familiarity factor in Puerto Rico that makes for an easy adjustment. Spanish is the primary language, but English is also spoken widely. You don’t need a permit or visa to live here, the currency is the U.S. dollar, the electrical plugs are the same and you’ll come across well-known brands like Walgreens and Starbucks in metro areas.

The People

Another reason you’ll feel right at home on the Island is the charm of Puerto Rico’s people, who are renowned for their warmth and hospitality. Being open, polite, and respectful, following the local safety regulations, and taking the time to learn about your new neighbors will all go a long way toward making new friends.

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Thriving Business Community

With strong networks for tech companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency, and more, Puerto Rico is primed to provide professional collaboration and connections. You’ll have access to extensive business resources and support here no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re craving the communal feel of an office, check out the Island’s incubators and coworking spaces, such as Piloto 151, which offers shared workspace, private offices, suites, and staffing services.

Outdoor Living

From miles of pristine coastline to lush mountains to the only tropical rainforest in the U.S., Puerto Rico is filled with an amazing variety of wide-open spaces to get outside and enjoy nature. When you need a break from taking calls and answering emails, you can head out for a hike or just relax on one of our world-famous beaches. Have you been wanting to take up a new watersport? Try surfing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, snorkeling, and more.

Incredible Culture

Among the many advantages of a longer stay is the chance to really immerse yourself in the local culture and enrich your life. Rather than just a quick look, you can delve deeper and experience Puerto Rico through its fascinating history, world-class museums, art galleries, music and dancing, mouthwatering regional cuisine, unique neighborhoods, festivals, and traditions.

Excellent Connectivity

No need to worry about spotty Wi-Fi or phone service interrupting your workflow. Puerto Rico has multiple high-speed internet providers, and Wi-Fi is a standard amenity for most accommodations. Most U.S. cell phone plans also include coverage in Puerto Rico, so you won’t need a new number to stay in touch.

Easy to Explore

In just 100 x 35 miles, Puerto Rico has enough geographic diversity last a lifetime, from bioluminescent bays to remote caves. You can drive around the Island in a couple of hours, but we recommend taking your time to explore off-the-beaten-path places and get to know each of the six regions.

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