Baseball: Inside Puerto Rico's Game

Baseball: Inside Puerto Rico's Game

Experience the crack of the bat and the resounding, enthusiastic cheers of Boricuas rooting for their home team, with touches of blonde-dyed hair and clad in their iconic uniforms inspired by the single-starred flag.

Puerto Rico’s baseball legacy is a grand slam tale; evolving from a casual pastime to the Island's favored sport, transforming it into a global beacon of champions.

Aerial view of baseball field and beach.

Estadio Luis A. “Canena” Marquéz is home to the "Tiburones de Aguadilla" (Aguadilla Sharks).

Puerto Rican Baseball Glory

With legends like Roberto Clemente, Hall of Famers like Roberto Alomar and Iván Rodríguez, along with many present-day shining stars in the MLB, it's no wonder fans are grabbing their palitos or pleneros and heading over to catch a game live at a stadium or watching it in their favorite local sports bar. Discover the fervor of Puerto Rico's love for baseball and join in the chanting whenever you hear "¡Viene Puerto Rico"!

A week of sports in Puerto Rico

Roberto Clemente in his dressing room.

During the course of his career, Roberto Clemente’s incredible milestones set a new bar in baseball. (Luis Ramos | Historic Archive El Nuevo Día.)

Clemente: The Great One

To honor the 50th anniversary of Roberto Clemente's 3,000th hit, the Pittsburgh Pirates collaborated with Clemente's family and Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día to unveil an exclusive collection of unseen photographs encapsulating the essence of this Boricua baseball legend.

Visit the gallery

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